At the House…yet again!!

So last night we were moving the floor boards yet again–but this time is suppose to be the last time…first we pulled them out of the house where we got them.  Then we loaded them into vehicles…the we unloaded them into the garage.  Then as we cleaned them we pulled them out of the garage and put them back in the garage.

Then last weekend Craig loaded all the floor boards onto a wagon and parked it in the house garage…last night’s job, get the boards into the house and get them warmed up.  Our hope is that this weekend they will get installed.  Apparently the boards need to be at room temperature before they are laid.  It’s all about expanding and contracting (more science than I care to learn)-

The plan was that our son Buck would come home and would lay the floor with Hubby.  That was the plan.

Then Hubby called the dry wall guy.  He can’t come until Monday.  UGH.  He thought it might be easier for him and preferred that we wait with the floor.  He said that a rip can happen in the plastic covering the floor and we could end up with a paint splotch on the flooring.


Well at this point we’re doing the “would have, could have, should have”.  We have help (mostly free help) this weekend.  We have four days before the drywall guys comes and we don’t want to waste it.  We have to sand and refinish the flooring anyway…so we’re just putting the wood flooring down and dealing with the consequences later.

We know we have quite a bit of flooring but don’t know if we have enough or if we need to be shopping for alternative flooring for some of the rooms.  By getting this wood flooring down that will help us determine what to do with the rest of the rooms.  Right now the goal is to have enough to cover the kitchen/entry way and little bit of dining room that doesn’t have flooring in it right now and to complete the upstairs hallway.  From there we still have the two bathrooms, quilting room, laundry room and closet that need flooring.  Once the priority rooms get finished, we’ll see how much we have left over to tackle the remaining rooms.

Hopefully the next time you see these floor boards most of them will be installed and I’ll be squealing.

8 thoughts on “At the House…yet again!!”

  1. Whoa–what a job to be done! I hope you can get it all done before the Holiday.. we had our wood floors refinished recently and it is quite a deal to have people in your home in and out all the time! I hope you can .have a good weekend hugs, Julierose

  2. I agree with your plan, Jo ~ continue on w/ your help these nxt few days! We have wood flooring throught out our house w/ travertine tile in bathrms & laundry rm. the wood when completed was covered w/ heavy plastic & tile covered w/ heavy brown paper all done before drywall & paint & no problems. I am just remembering that for wood floor in 2 long hallways the plastic was also covered w/ heavy brown paper. In fact plastic & paper stayed on until house cleaned just before move in and everything was fine!! Difficult for me tho, because I just wanted to see those floors when completed!! Penny

  3. Go for it. We had the heavy brown paper (from HD) covering out original wood floors for 6 months during a remodel. Floors are fine. My advise on the wood floors, wait a week or a little more after refinishing the wood floors before moving in or having subs coming in again. It really takes longer for the finish to cure then you think.

  4. I say put the flooring down. If you run our of wood flooring, I would make a suggestion. You may hit delete as hard as you can, but here it is. I though the person that suggested this to me was out of their minds, but we decided to check it out, and are very happy we did. They have vinyl flooring that looks like wood flooring, it even fooled my brother and SIL, who are solid wood flooring snobs. It looks great, wears wonderfully, and the price point is awesome compared to wood or vinyl floors. It doesn’t peel up if it gets wet, doesn’t need buffing, waxing, etc. It looks real and it’s super easy to care for. Check out VINYL FLOORING THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOD, especially for your sewing and long-arm rooms. Do you need solid wood flooring there? cdahlgren at live dot com Let me know what you decide. We went with it, maybe you will too.

  5. I love your updates and can’t wait until you have it all moved in and decorated and a good ole family Sunday dinner with all your wonderful family around you.

  6. The move-in date is getting closer and closer…rather like getting to the last bit of a quilt you are quilting…you want to get it finished ASAP, but you still have to take the time to get it done right. I think you are right to utilize your help when you have it and I know you will protect those floors you worked so hard on!!

  7. I’m sure you are getting excited since it is getting so close to being ready to move it. I have really enjoyed watching it all happening! Thanks for taking us on the journey.

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