At the house…weekend edition

Sunday was a workday at the house again…You can see that the walls are going up!

Craig was around to help.  He worked on removing more of the old siding off the west side of the house where the addition will attach.  We forget we needed some boards to patch up the siding on the garage that we moved so we made sure to salvage some of the long pieces.

Kalissa and I were back to scraping the floor boards..and Craig was our cut guy trimming the ends of the boards so they are ready to be re installed.

Hubby got the window wells and drains as far along as we could for now.

…and there on entertainment committee was BETSY the beagle.  She was playing king of the mountain much of the day.

With the weather getting cooler it’s easy to get anxious.  We have a ways to go before snow but I sure would love to see the addition closed up.

I have to say that I am so thankful for the blog.  It’s made me take lots of pictures of our progress.  That’s especially great for those days when I think we actually haven’t gotten very much done.  I can see that we really have.

Thanks for hanging out with me on this remodeling adventure…

5 thoughts on “At the house…weekend edition”

  1. I have enjoyed seeing you make progress on the house. We did this same thing 33 years ago so I know what you are going thru. Hang in there.Friend, It is worth it in the end.

  2. I love seeing all the pictures and the progress of your house. It brings back many memories. We also took lots of pictures and put them in albums which we still look at and wonder how we got thru the building process. That was 14 years ago and now we have grandchildren that look at them and ask a lot of questions. Many crazy stories when you build a house. There are times you think the house will never get done and before you know it will be move in day. Keep the pictures coming.

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