At the House…the saga continues

The work on the house continues to go not as planned.  We were suppose to have a company who can cut cement come and cut the foundation from the house so the old basement can be removed.  We’ve been waiting for them for some time.  No luck.  Then we were told Thursday of last week – then we were told Monday as in yesterday…no show.  Now we are told for sure tomorrow.

That brought our cement guy to the house to mark where they needed to saw.


Just check out the orange spray painted lines to see where they will be cutting.


Hubby is busy tomorrow and can’t get away so plans are currently that I need to be in town at least initially to make sure they get going.  I just hate all of that but if it gets us a step closer I’ll do it.

In the middle of the conversation he informed me that the saw people need water to run their saws.  WHAT??  We don’t have water to the house.  Now what?  I called Hubby and he called the neighbor and the neighbor said no problem, we’ll run a hose over.  We honestly have amazing neighbors to the south of us.

While talking to the cement guy I questioned him…I tried to it politely but I’ll admit…I did question him.

So I asked what the next steps were with the house and when could I expect him to be back to pour the basement……He explained that his partner was on vacation.  He had a basement to do in Elgin and one other basement but he might be able to bump the second basement…ah that would leave us at the end of the month…WHAT???  I am so disappointed.  The end of the month.  At the end of the month on July 31st it will be one year since we bought the house.

Can you believe we are only this far??

I can’t.  The other day Kalissa’s boyfriend was at our house.  I told him guess a date that we’ll move into the house…he said March 1st.  Oh could it??  So blog readers…take a guess.  What day do you think we’ll be in the house.  Don’t be afraid to say any date…I think I am getting immune to being shocked.

Stop by tomorrow and I’ll update you and let you know if the saw guys actually showed up.

13 thoughts on “At the House…the saga continues”

  1. I will guess January 28th for the move-in date. Just because that’s when we moved in to this house 16 years ago. Just keep lugging along. It is far, far better to get the major construction out of the way before you move in than to try to live there during. I think the neighbors rate a quilt of some kind, don’t you?

  2. I worked for a concrete company for many years. I answered the phones when the people called mad because no one was there when promised. I swear our guys used to say “next Monday” and they knew it was at least two weeks. But they also knew it would probably rain at least one of those days. And to a concrete guy even a little rain can set them back at least two weeks. Most of the time it really doesn’t but they can tell you that it does. And therefore, what was to only be one week turns into three weeks. Good luck! And pray for patience. Someday all of this will be behind you.

  3. Just make plans to move NEXT (2015) July 31 and surely by then you will be in. That way anything earlier will be a pleasant surprise! We built our 1800 square foot house 38 years ago and moved into a newly constructed house 90 days after the foundation was started. We added a room and a partial basement some years later and it took 6 months to get a 400 square foot plus basement area finished! With construction you never know what to expect!
    Good luck, I know that this has been frustrating!

  4. Phyllis in Minnesota

    I think you’ll be moving in when the remodel is finished……or maybe a little before. With all the contractors delays and excuses, perhaps a big ????? is better than disappointment when there is yet another delay. Being a quilter, maybe the question should be —— How many quilts can I finish before I move?
    Best of luck and a wish for speedy contractors.

  5. Building a house is the most stress ever put on a marriage. We did it twice—not fun. There are delays for everything. With the amount of work you have to due, I’m guessing another 18 months before you move in. (sorry)

  6. I’m guessing April 4th, 2015. Not quite April Fool’s Day, but shortly after. Hope things start to go your way. I built a single room quilting studio a couple years ago and it took three months. Construction never seems to go as we would like.

  7. I’m not going to guess….everyone is breaking my heart with the negative guesses! I live in the South so I don’t know what kind of weather conditions your summer and fall bring but I’m hoping it goes faster for you soon! I’m curious as to once the basement is poured, what is left to do, the addition, floors?

  8. Based on my personal ongoing experience with a roofer, I’m sad to say my guess is July, 2015. I think my roofer should get together with your cement guy and form a bowling team. They have so much in common!

  9. I think I would need therapy by now! Maybe Marriage counseling too! I don’t know what all needs to be done but a new house is supposed to be built in 6 mon, so I’m guessing by Thanksgiving 1014

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