At the House…Sad and Happy

So Christmas came and went and the drywall guy didn’t get finished.  Originally I had hoped that this would be the day when I would start painting.  That made me a little sad, but by now, I should know better than to expect things to go by my timeline-especially when we were working in a time frame that included the holidays.

I ended up at the house today doing some work and talked to the drywall guy and I was very happy.  From my stand point not knowing what things can be done on what days and how long things need to dry I was thinking that I might be able to paint until New Year’s Eve…nope.  He thinks I should be able to start painting on Sunday.  That made me happy….well kind of.

I am excited that I’ll soon be painting but not so excited that I’ll soon be painting.  I know that sounds silly but it’s just that painting just isn’t my favorite job to do!

Anyway, while I was there I snapped a few photos.  Hubby has been working on garage doors for the last few days and his boss has taken time out of his day to help.  Hubby so appreciates it.  It’s nice to help tackling some of these jobs and free volunteer help from someone who knows what they are doing is even better.  There were vehicles parked in front of the garage so I couldn’t get the best picture.  I’ll get a couple good ones sometime soon.


The drywall guy was starting to spray texture.


It looks like this close up.  If I could have had my pick I would have chosen walls that had a similar texture to plaster walls but that was not to be.  The old part of the house had been textured by someone who did a poor job of it.   With that in mind we can’t have the new addition not textured.  To make it all look good together we are just having it all done.


Besides we have lots of imperfections especially in places where the new house and old house come together that would benefit from having texture.  Although it’s not my favorite, there are much worse options out there.

Hubby spent a little time hanging plastic between the door ways so when the dry wall guys spray they don’t spray across the room into the adjoining room.

Besides paint, the next thing on our to do list is to lay the upstairs flooring…we’ll be need the electricians back too.  Hopefully that can happen without too much delay.

That’s the latest at the house….I’ll try to give you another update on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “At the House…Sad and Happy”

  1. Your drywaller should have paper on the floor to protect it. The floor needs to be level for any kind of flooring, especially wood and linoleum. Cleanup is a charm when you roll the paper up and the mess is gone. Plus, it protects the floor from your painting splashes.

    Here on the Pacific Northwest Coast, all drywall has texture. Different areas of the US have different customs for this, and it’s odd to see houses in other areas that look totally different because of the lack of texture or much heavier texture compared to homes in our area!

    Love the windows on the garage doors. Light in the garage is so nice.

    It’s fun seeing your house come together!

  2. My parents used to have that same texture on their walls in Florida. It was called “Spanish lace”. Looked very pretty.

    Your house is looking terrific. I know you still have a lot of work in front of you, but your house is going to be just beautiful when you’re done. All the woodwork, wood floors, and the cabinets that you’re repurposing in the kitchen will make your house unique and very special.

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