At the House…Flooring Edition

You might remember awhile ago we put the flooring in on the main floor addition.  Saturday and today it was time to tackle the upstairs.

We had been keeping the spare boards in the living room keeping them warm so my day started with moving the boards from the living room to the upstairs.

Back and forth Kalissa and I went moving the boards from the living room to the kitchen.  From there they went out the kitchen door


All of us will be so happy once all of these boards and nailed down in place.  We are so tired of moving them!!

Once the boards got to the kitchen door Hubby opened the door, stepped out onto a hay wagon with the boards and hoisted them up to the upper door where the sewing room is.

He devised that plan so that we didn’t bang up the walls coming up and down the steps.  It was a good plan and actually really quick.  I think we’re going to be so thankful for that upper door.

Here’s a sneak peak at the flooring.

Our goal was to have enough flooring boards so that we wouldn’t have to purchase any flooring for the house.  The plan was that everything would be wood flooring.  It hard to tell how much we have as it’s all various lengths.  We started with the main floor and were so happy that we had enough to do all of that.  Now we are on the upper floor and have made a priority list.

The hallway had to be first.  Right now the old hallway has wood flooring and it would look silly to not extend it.  The next room on the priority list is the sewing room.  It’s a large room and we don’t want to have to pay for flooring for it so we’d REALLY like to be able to cover it…

So we started putting floor boards down Saturday afternoon.  The hallway is done that’s the section of horizontal boards.  Where the boards turn vertical…that’s the sewing room.  We’re about 3/4 of the way done and it looks like today when we get back at it, we’ll be able to finish the sewing room.

The next question…will there be enough for the bathroom and closet.  Stay tuned-I’ll be back with a report Monday evening.  I’ll show you more pictures and tell you if we were able to meet my goal of having the entire house in wood flooring.  I sure hope we can do it!

6 thoughts on “At the House…Flooring Edition”

  1. Oh Jo !!!!!! Our souls need to sew……..even in the middle of packing! And I hope to hear those words from you sometime in this next year when it’s my turn to pack, pack, pack. There are no definite plans right now but every day my husband talks about our downsizing.
    I have RA and have had 3 surgeries on my right leg. He worries that I will fall down the stairs. We are looking to move into a single level home. We have been here since 1986 so there are loads of hoarding things to down size. I didn’t start quilting until 1994……………I could open a shop. I have a hard time letting things go. I know I’ll need to someday.

  2. Jo,

    It would not be the worse thing to have tile in the bathroom if you didn’t have enough flooring. It would probably be the best place not to have it match. Hooray for all your hard work and your husband ‘s good planning. The end is in sight. You’ll be in your sewing room by the end of the month. Yea.

  3. I have wood in my sewing room. Great for seeing the pins and such, and easy to sweep up the dust and lint and threads. Good luck!

  4. It looks great. It is so exciting watching your home come together. What did you do about the primer that wouldnt dry?

  5. Love the color for the sewing room. I have a similar color and have a blue jean sofa in there. Or, you could have heavy denim blue jean dog beds for the dogs. Also, when shopping for carpets and runners to go in the areas you like over the wood, try I have found they have great matching runners for cheaper than local stores. Can’t wait to see your finished project!

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