At the house..Decking!!

The other day Hubby went to work on the house and I stayed home.  My goal was to get some clean sheets on the bed (which didn’t happen but will today), fold the laundry and scrape the porch posts we bought on Sunday.  Hubby called me right away though.  He said, I think you’ll want to come to town..the house looks very different again.  Well I grabbed my camera and went.  I don’t want to miss anything.

Hubby had been busy working on digging down and getting a trench made so that we can put a drainage pipe in along the north side of the house.


That was good..but what he wanted me to see was this.  The decking is getting done!!


Here’s a closer picture.

Where the ladder is sticking out of the basement is where the basement stairs will go.  In the pictures it doesn’t seem very big.  In person it seems bigger.

In the basement they have the support beams up.  I sure wish we could have had fewer of them.  It cuts up the rooms but I don’t want the house falling down on us so it’s something we’ll learn to make do with.

Hopefully the decking will all be finished and maybe..just maybe, we’ll start seeing some walls.  Stay tuned….I’ll be back with another house report as soon as there is anything to tell.

P.S.  I did get my porch poles scrapped-I love the posts!!….next up paint!!

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