At the House…Almost a Garage

Monday and Tuesday have past so I thought you might want to see what the carpenter’s accomplished.  Here is the front of the house.  More work has been done on the garage….



Here is the current view from the north….


and the current view from the south.

Here is what it looks like from the west…or back of the house.

I have to say, I am getting excited for this part.  Eventually at the a back will be an upper deck that will come out where the upper door is.  Below will be all cemented out the depth of the portion where the garage sticks out and all the way along the addition.  That is our “outdoor living space”.  I am really looking forward to it.  Years ago at this house before the remodeling was done we had a porch swing.  I’ve missed it and have wanted it back.  Finally, I’m going to get it!!  It will be to the left of the kitchen door.  Then to the right of the kitchen door we’ll have plenty of space for our patio table and chairs.   I think I am going to love it!!

I have lived my entire life on a farm except for my college days.  We never get to eat outside because of the flies.  I sure hope we can eat outside occasionally here.  With the kitchen door so close and convenient and fewer flies, I’m hoping it can happen.  We’re putting a outdoor ceiling fan in too.  AH!!!!

Next up I they will finish the garage roof and shingle.  Then insulation board on all of it.  Then the basement and upper bathrooms are getting their framing so we’ll be ready for the plumbers…Little by little…

10 thoughts on “At the House…Almost a Garage”

  1. Kristy Wilkinson

    This is so exciting! It is fun to watch your house taking shape. We have a house being built behind us that is taking a long time. We don’t have the weather challenges you have though. Looking forward to seeing the garage with shingles! Thanks for sharing these updates with us. I have never lived on a farm. I am a city girl. This still looks like it is in the country compared to where I live in California. Love the wide open spaces you have. K-

  2. Consider screening in that lower outdoor living area in a manner that would allow you to put plexiglass panels in over the screen in the winter. Keeps the flies out in the summer and helps warm things up in the winter…you might be surprised at how warm.

  3. I love hearing about your new home but I know it is stress at times for you but to see the love that you and your family are putting into this new home is music to others ears. I am praying for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for all of you at this beautiful new home.

  4. I can feel your excitement coming through in your writing! As exciting as it is to see the outer structure come together, I can hardly wait to see how you “do up” the interior with all your flea market finds and your huge amounts of elbow grease! And for certain, we all want to see how you fix up your new sewing space. Good luck with the weather and crew scheduling!

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