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The carpenters were at the house on Monday and were busy working on the sheet rock still.  Now they were tackling the ceilings that were in the old part of the house.  Do you remember that beautiful wood work that made me want the house in the first place??  The columns divide what we are calling the office and the dining room.  They finished the ceiling in the dining room side.  It was lots of work.


When we bought the house there was painted ply wood and old plaster with lathes on the ceiling.  We took that all down.  Only problem, that left a bigger gap just above this room divider.  Hubby was at a loss on how to fix it so we had the carpenters put the ceiling in.

They ended up shimming the floor joists which was a lot of extra work but it looks nice and was the right thing to do.  They do great work!

They also spent time today prepping for walls were the chimney was.

The office is all ready for sheet rock now which is on their agenda for today.

While I was snapping pictures I took one from my living door towards the kitchen.  That little window will be over my kitchen sink.

Oh I love the openness of it all.  Every so often I need to step back and remember why I love house….because all to often I see more of this…

and not enough of the features I love.

I am happy to say though that for now, we are done with insulation!!

As always there will be more updates to follow….

8 thoughts on “At the House…”

  1. All the original wood is beautiful. I especially love those pocket doors. Wow! Lucky you to live in such a wonderful house soon!

  2. i must tell you, i love reading about the house, what has changed day by day! how you plann everything from how the kitchen schould be to where you put in doors and other things to optimize your space! i can imagine you and your family having get togethers, quiltingmarathons with your girl and playing with your lovely 4-paws hero… you and your blog are an inspiration, please keep on blogging and share your creativeness with us! i sure loved the dividing thing in the picture, wish i had enough space for something like that.

    The Netherlands

  3. Your house is going to be wonderful. I love those pocket doors. I grew up in an old Victorian-era house with pocket doors and I think they should be a standard feature in new homes. =) Thank you for the updates on the progress. What’s your timetable?

  4. Loving all the house photo’s you’ve posted in the past few days. I was wondering – in the view into the kitchen, is there a door at each side, a ‘pocket’ style door? I can see flat brass type holders which suggested to me they may fit/slide into a recess.

  5. I always get excited when I see “house” in the title of your posts!! It is really taking shape and looking fabulous!!! I have the same kind of wood in my old farm house that separates the living room from the library (complete with a build-in desk and glass-door shelves). I love the color of yours – mine is more of a mahogany and really doesn’t work as well with my great-grandmother’s golden oak dining table…sigh :) Every time I see pictures of your new home I get more and more excited for the final, we-have-moved-in pictures!!! Have a blessed Christmas!! Next year you will celebrate in THIS home!!!

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