At the House…

Some work got done today…not really on the house but for the house.  I never realized how much time it would take to do all the odd things, cleaning, moving and organizing things.

Today the guys loaded up all those floor boards that we scraped this summer.  We had been storing them in the spare garage.  We’ll be needing them in the house soon so we needed to get them to the house.  Luckily Hubby’s boss let us borrow the wagon and the boards could be loaded onto it.  Then they backed the wagon into the attached garage on the house.  Now we can get them from the wagon as we need them.


This is the emptiest the garage has been in a VERY long time….


But it didn’t stay that way long.  The guys took two truck loads of stuff from the garage here at the farm and moved it there.

While they were busy with all of that, I was busy with my own projects for the house but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “At the House…”

  1. I’m getting so excited for you – it’s like I’m making the move with you! Now you can turn your creative juices to working on your new home! Wishing you and your family a fantastic, safe Christmas and New Year. May God Bless you all with health and happiness as you begin this new chapter in your lives!!

  2. Popping in to say “hi” for the first time! Your new home is looking just fantastic and I’ve enjoyed riding along on the shirt-tails of your progress. All the planning, all the waiting, all the hard work, all of this journey you have taken together is going to be so worth it when you finally begin to live out your lives together in this beautiful house you will, at last, be able to call home. Thank you for sharing.

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