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I haven’t spent much time at the new house at all lately.  I’ve been tied to the computer working on my Making Learning Fun website.  Hubby has been at the house along with the carpenters, a plumber and electrician too.  Even our son Karl (whose 22 birthday is tomorrow) was home and helped.

After not being there for 4 days it was fun to come and see what they had accomplished.  It’s really hard to get picture but I did my best.

The kitchen has sheet rock on the ceiling!  Ya-hoo!!


In fact, there is sheet rock on the ceiling in the entire addition.  This makes me happy.


Hubby had said that the entire upstairs addition had sheet rock on the ceilings and the walls!  I had to check it out.

This is looking down our long hall into the sewing room.  The door you see way in the back is the door in my sewing room.  To the left there is door.  That goes into the bathroom.


This next picture was taken standing by that door you saw earlier and looking back down that hall.  The small door to the left is the closet to store my sewing room over flow.  I plan to have Hubby put shelves there for storage.


Now I am back in the corner where the closet is and am taking a picture of the rest of the room.

We did a lot of debating on whether to keep the ceiling high in this room or to flatten it.  In the end we left it high.  I am glad we did.  Being we don’t have tons of natural lighting in this room I think it helps with the look.

Hopefully I’ll be back on Saturday with another house report.  By then I hope we have lots of sheet rock on the walls… I can’t tell you how happy I am to see it all coming together.

8 thoughts on “At the House”

  1. I have enjoyed reading and looking at the progress on your new home. Can’t wait to see it finished and you have moved in, especially your sewing room

  2. OMG! This looks great! Your sewing room is to die for! Keep plugging along you will be moved in before you know it:)

  3. Everything is coming along nicely now – you must be so happy with the progress – I loved your photos from today :)

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