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The carpenters finished up the siding but then have been off doing other things that they need to tend to.  That’s been okay though as they left some things that we can easily do…mainly insulation.

We started out working in the upstairs.  We wanted to get the walls done.  The next time the carpenters are back the plan in to put sheet rock on the upstairs ceiling and then blow in the insulation in the roof/attic.  My job…carry these big bundles of insulation upstairs.  Right now there is no heat in the house so I’m dressed especially “cute”.

Hubby is busy placing the insulation between the 2 x 4’s.


Once the upstairs was done we moved on to the main floor.  The kitchen started out looking like this…


and in just about two hours we had the kitchen done….


…and the laundry, bathroom and entry walls done.

Now with the insulation going up it’s easier to see where the walls are going to be and get a better “feel” of the size of the rooms.

I have to say I am VERY pleased with my space.  I am very happy with the layout of the house too…That’s a good feeling.

It was rumored that the carpenters are going to be back at the house this afternoon.  I got to say, I sure hope they are.  Yesterday was the 25th of November…Christmas is only a month away.  I had wanted to be in the house by Christmas and I’m believing that just isn’t going to happen.  If it can’t be in 4 weeks…I’m hoping for 6 weeks.

Those of you who have built a house, how much longer does a house take from here??

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  1. Several years back we were in the midst of an addition to the front of our house over Christmas. I put the tree out there to take advantage of the 14-ft ceiling and massive picture window, but we had to retreat to the heated portion of the house to open gifts! You have planned well and I know you can mobilize quickly when the time comes.

  2. Boy that’s a loaded question of how long it takes to get Iin, I think your six weeks is probably doable, but just don’t get your hopes up yet. It seems that the painiting and trim work and all the detail work fels to sloooow down the move in date. Hang in there the house will be beautiful and I have enjoyed watching the process pictures.

  3. it should take as it needs to be done right. Don’t rush it, enjoy the process. There is always Easter to look forward to. Don’t make the contractors rush then things can get sloppy. I went through a restoration of a 115 year old home, and it took almost two years. I would say contractors held us back at least 6 months of that time. I was packed early hoping to move in. By the time I did, I had lots of dust on my boxes. But it was worth it in the end because it was done right.

  4. Hi Jo, It seems doable but don’t plan on it.Building a house is kind of like the weather sometimes it;s just like the weatherman says and sometimes it close and sometimes it’s really wrong. But it “should” go much faster then the building of the structure part!

  5. It seems that once you reach this stage of building a house everything slows down! Sheet rock, trim molding, caulking, painting…all of the little details seem to take forever! But it is much better to have a well done job than a job that is hurried. You will be in your house soon!

  6. I have no idea…BUT your new house is looking AMAZING!! What a difference putting up the insulation…looks like rooms now!! So exciting! Have faith…you will get there and be snug and warm too!!
    Wishing you all the best!

  7. I am enjoying the progress of your new home! The installation of the insulation does make it seem so close to completion now. I, too can definitely see rooms & the great lay out! It is going to be such a wonderful home! From experience those finer details inside your home that will occur from now on do take longer than the basic big construction that has been completed but so worth the wait!

  8. Things at this state move slower. Our city has inspections/sign offs after each step which slow you down. It’s hard, but try to relax and have things done right. I love the color of your house.

  9. It’s a WONDERFUL space, you did extremely well with the layout! I know you’re eager to get into your house. It’s hard living between two spaces. It can be such a LONG process during this part of the build/remodel. So that anticipation and disappointment don’t rule, I suggest aiming for final move as ‘before hubby gets into the myriad of spring stuff farmers must do.’

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