At the House

The house is slowly progressing.  When the carpenters left this week we were in pretty good shape.  The entire house has insulation board on it.  Most of the house is covered with the white stuff that goes over the top of that.  The garage is all shingled and the upstairs is framed in.

Here’s the upstairs.  The bathroom is to the left, the closet to the right and straight ahead is the sewing room.  There is a door going out the sewing room.  It will go out onto a deck with stairs that go to the bottom.

We spent Sunday afternoon at the house.  Kalissa and Craig were around and helped.

Roger brought the skid loader into town.  He worked on leveling off the lawn and getting it all packed around the house.  We need the ground to slope a little away from the house so that rain will run away from the house.

While Roger was doing the skid loader part, Craig was manning the shovel.


Some people think I’m crazy but I decided to move all the canning jars and canning equipment that we wouldn’t be needing.  I don’t have them unpacked yet and likely won’t do that for a bit but for now, they are moved and at the new house.  I figure it’s one less thing to do later.  Besides, they won’t be in the way of the workers.


After Kalissa and I got them moved we cleaned.  All of the addition needed help.  There were leaves that had blown in, saw dust and miscellaneous board scraps everywhere.  It’s not perfect but at least it’s no long disgusting.

After that Kalissa and I went home and made a birthday supper for Craig while the guys stayed at the house and finished up their work.

Sadly we didn’t see any electricians and no plumbers last week.  We really need them to come.  Keep your fingers crossed for this week.  If they don’t come soon, we’ll be sliding behind.

5 thoughts on “At the House”

  1. I am amazed ~ such great progress! Love how the completed work shown in your picture gives a new look or different style to the original house you purchased! Amazing ~ difficult to believe that is the same house! I like!! My fingers are crossed for you!!

  2. I love seeing the progress being made. I know it seems slow to you because you are anxious to move, but you are closer to moving day every day! I’m betting it just felt good to get SOMETHING moved into the house! :)

  3. I think it was a great idea to move your canning stuff that you won’t be using over to the new house! I’ve always been one to start packing early so as to get a head start on a usually long process. I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping that the plumbers and electricians show up soon!

  4. I thinkit is a good idea too to move the unsued canning supplies. I’m only doing little remodel on my kitchen, My whole house is a mess. i can’t immagine what you are going through.
    We won’t worry about you until you move your long arm into the sewingroom w/o the house being finished.

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