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It’s hard finding time to work at the house but we’re squeezing in as much time as we can.  Hubby is gearing up for fall harvest and already putting in longer hours at work.  That leaves more for me to do around here and squeezes any extra time we have.  Saturday we both worked but Sunday afternoon we were able to get a few things done.  On my list of things to do was to get this trim piece painted.


When it was taken off the house it was a little unstable so Hubby firm it up and then it was my job to paint.  Can you believe it took almost three hours to paint it??  I was working at it all the time too.


While I was doing that, Hubby was doing some cleaning up.  Then I asked him if he would take off the plywood  that was protecting the upper part of the old house so I could get into the upstairs part of the addition.  He did and I finally got a sneak peak at it.


This end is my sewing room area.  There will be two window to the left and the big opening straight ahead is a door.  There will be an outside deck out there.  We decided to do that so we could move our furniture into the upstairs.  Right now the stairs in the house are two narrow and tight to get our furniture up them.


Where you see this window will be the bathroom.


This last picture shows what the old part of the house looks like.  The carpenters will need to do some work to make this all a wall.  Right now there is still part of the old house pieces attached.  The door there will be removed and wider hall way will be added.

Sometime this week my plan is to finish up the work in the upstairs pink bedroom and then start in on painting it.  Hopefully by next Sunday that room will have some paint.  I keep telling Hubby that if we are ever going to get moved in we’re going to need to get going on it…oh, and still have more floor boards to clean.

I wish my personal progress was as quick as the progress the carpenters are making….and that’s what’s new at the house.

8 thoughts on “At the House…”

  1. this is going to be great Jo! And that outside door will be nice for several reasons including taking a short sewing break outdoors to soak up sunshine plus an emergency escape route! I hope you never need it for an emergency but nice to know its there if it’s needed!

  2. The piece that you just painted is wonderful! Impressed with how you are accomodating moving your furniture upstairs. I’m so excited about all of the recent progress!

  3. I’m so excited about the recent & continuing progresss! Such a wonderful piece that you just painted! I’m really impressed with how you have planned to move your furniture upstairs and have acomodated that in building the addition ~ sewing rm, etc.

  4. That piece that you painted is so intricate! It is a beauty and I’m so glad that you are saving it. And the upper deck is marvelous for your sewing room. If you get quilting clients they can come to that door up the outside stairs, maybe? It looks great!

  5. Love the old trim piece that you painted! Glad that you finally got a look at your sewing room. It is going to be great to have such a large room and to have your own deck as well!

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