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Tuesday afternoon it was hot here in Iowa and Hubby decided to quit farming early and go work at the house in town.  He loaded up the skid loader and was off.


We’ve both been a little frustrated with the situation with the workers and had yet another set back.  Saturday he talked to the cement guy.  Our tentative date for getting the basement poured has been moved to early August.  The cement guy explained that they get to a place were they were suppose to do a small job then get stuck there an extra day because the family wants a sidewalk poured while the workers are there in addition to the original project.  I don’t blame the workers or the people requesting the fact, we had done the same thing.  We started out with the new basement then asked if they would pour cement for one room in the old basement too as we have an old coal room with only dirt floor.  We also needed cement in a couple of other places.

Hubby decided that he’s tired of waiting and is going to do some of those odd things that we want poured ourselves.  I’ve never poured cement and hopefully I won’t have to learn but Hubby has poured LOTS and knows what he’s doing.

Being he had the ski loader in town he started out by filling in around the new front porch.  It looks SO much better now.  We can even get in the house.  The lumber company is delivering sheet rock at the end of the week and we wanted them to be able to get it into the house….now they can.  The porch looks like it will be a nice size now that it’s all cleaned up.  Before it looked smaller.


He dug out in front of and around the side of the garage.  We are going to put a small cement pad along where the door into the garage is.  I want to put a bench or chairs there along with a flower container.

Hubby did some more dirt moving and digging out in preparation for pouring the cement.  He’s hoping in the next week he can get it framed up and poured…that room in the basement too.  In the end, it will save up lots of money…and the reason the cement guys aren’t to their next job will be no fault of ours.  Luckily Hubby’s boss volunteered to help out too.

I just love it when we get a bigger chunk of time and can do things and really see a big change.  Tuesday was one of those days…..Rumor is we have a few kids coming home this weekend and are willing to help out.  Hubby and I could really use another productive day.

6 thoughts on “At the House…”

  1. Everything is looking great, Jo. How sweet to have your husband’s boss help and the rumor of a few kids helping this weekend!

    Take care.

  2. I know you will be so glad when all is finished and you can get it cleaned up and move in, I am praying that you will be in there before Thanksgiving.

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