At the House

Well with the rains not much has happened with the house again (does that sound like a broken record?)

The latest is that the last week the carpenters came and covered the exposed open area.


They made a “wall” to enclose the basement.  They covered up the interior doors that were exposed and added another layer of protection.

Friday we were suppose to have a cement saw company come and cut away the foundation from the house so the excavator could come and removed the old part of the basement foundation but with the rain…(you guessed it, it didn’t happen).

From the portion of the house you see here (eventually if it ever stops raining) an addition will be added.  It will come out 24′.  4′ of that is dining room the rest kitchen.

The addition will line up along the wall to the right and will extend 28′ to the left.  Then the garage will be added onto that.  In the 28′ the majority is kitchen but there will also be a small laundry room and a bathroom along with a hallway to the garage.

Right now the yard is just one big soup bowl of mud.  I’ll have to get back into town and snap a picture of it for you…what a mess!!  It’s hard to believe I’ll even have a lawn from it…at this point it hard to believe I’ll ever live there.

I do have a to give a HUGE shout out to Hubby’s boss though.  Never once has he asked when we’ll be moving out of the house we’re living in and never once have we felt any pressure from him that we need to hurry up and move.  We really appreciate that.  I can really feel for those who have construction delays like we have with the added pressure of feeling like you have to move.  That would be so much worse than what we are dealing with.

They keep telling me that once everyone gets here it goes really fast……we’ll see.

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