At the Hospital

This morning I told you that we landed back in the hospital with Kramer.  What I didn’t tell you was a few of the behind the scenes things that happened for us to get there.

First off, our truck was in the repair shop.  We had a battery that was going bad and we had a leak right before the actual gas tank that needed to be fixed.  So what did we do when we needed to get to the hospital…we took the old suburban.  It’s been Kramer’s farm vehicle and it is farm fresh (if you know what I mean-it STINKS like farm).

We drove to the local ER and Kalissa was working there.  When we were transferred to Lacrosse we knew we couldn’t take the suburban so we took Kalissa’s car and she took our suburban home.  It’s bad…really bad.

It’s an old 2000.  Ick.

Kalissa was a trooper though.  She made LOTS of fun of the suburban…but she managed to herd it home.

Do you remember me telling you in the morning post that Craig took the boys AND Georgia when we had to rush off to the ER.  Well here they are after a day with Craig.  They look happy and healthy.  See??Oh my word what a precious picture.  I love those two like crazy.
…and Carver looked happy too.

I’m not sure how Craig was though.  He told Kalissa he was ready for a vasectomy.  Bahahahaha.  How funny.  Seriously, Craig is a real trooper and I’m sure he’ll get over it.

Kalissa and Kelli had to get Ruby…had to pick up our truck for the garage…had to get the mail…had to get the crock pot of scalloped potatoes.

Again…we are so blessed to have the kids.  They are great.

So now…today’s report…

This a picture that Kalissa took of Carver.  Kelli brought him a nasal canola so he could be like Papa Moo.  What a cute picture!!

This was Kalissa’s Facebook post as of this morning:
Mom called – Dad is doing MUCH better this morning. He’s on pretty strong antibiotics and will be for awhile. His blood pressure is back up and stable. He will be in Lacrosse until tomorrow at least. We are waiting for the cultures to grow to specify the antibiotics to that particular bacteria.

They are certain it is pneumonia. It is still a mystery as to what is going on in the right lung. Options include maybe more cancer, maybe walled off bacteria, maybe erosion from the cancer, maybe obstructive pneumonia, from the tumor and lymph node, who knows. We won’t know for sure until Dad’s PET scan on Friday to see what lights up and where.

Dad is feeling good enough that he could probably go home but the antibiotics he is on are only available in IV form for now. We will know more by tonight.”

As of my writing at 3:30pm today, we still don’t know a lot.  Cultures take time to grow so the specifics of what it is aren’t yet known.  They are giving him broad spectrum hard core antibiotics.  Whatever it is is nasty.  Kramer is feeling much better but we can’t go home until he no longer needs IV antibiotics or they come up with a different plan for antibiotics.  My hope is to know more in tonight’s rounding with the doctor’s.

We did have a visitor….This is Scotty, Buck and Lora’s little guy.  I had so much fun with him.  I rarely see him one on one so it was an extra special treat.

He was sitting on my lap and we were talking…he said to me, “Why do you have two of those?”  I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about…two of what?  After I thought about it I said, “Chins?”  He said, “YEP!”  We all started busting out with laughter.  Yes…I do have two chins.  Bahahahahaha.

Kramer and Buck took an afternoon nap so the two of us went for a walk.  He was forgiven for
the two chins comment.  I bought him a balloon.  He adores them.

Then we bought a bag of animal crackers and some chips and headed to the healing garden for a picnic.  You can’t see in the picture below but there is water falling against the wall.  He thought that was pretty neat.
Scotty was definitely a bright spot in a dull day.  Oh, I love that guy…double chin comment and all!!

I’ll let you know what happens with Kramer.

13 thoughts on “At the Hospital”

  1. Sorry to laugh Jo but the double chin comment was funny! I laughed out loud! The pictures of the kids are adorable especially the one with Carver looking like his grandpa! Glad hubby is doing better!

  2. Denise Briese

    Boy oh boy your getting a workout.

    You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have….Bob Marley

  3. Do hope the antibiotics help Kramer and the doctors are able to determine what is happening and the best way to proceed. I could relate to your farm vehicle dilemma. My husband had a very old farm pickup that had holes in the floorboards. He used to joke that was his air conditioning. Our oldest daughter locked her keys in her car the very first day she was to start cosmetology school and had to drive the old pickup about 25 miles into town via the expressway. It was also a stick shift!

    The pictures of the grandbabies are just too precious!

  4. Children are so funny. My granddaughter asked me to chase her but I have a very sore foot so that was not going to work. When I said no, she asked me if it was because I was “too fluffy!”

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    The adventure part is pretty exciting – thanks for sharing and showing us the cute pictures and also filling us in on the cute things the little ones say. Double chins or not you are super cute :) Love to you all – hope Roger is feeling better.

  6. Thankful you guys are in the right spot to get the necessary help. Goodness, but Craig’s cousins picture is adorable!!! Glad that got a sweet visitor to enjoy. In spite of the double chin comment! LOL

  7. Hoping for all the best for you. I am a little confused as to why you can’t go home on IV meds, especially with 2 nurses in the family. Doesn’t your county have Public Health or home health nurses through your hospital.? I am in North Dakota but we do this all the time .

  8. Those pictures of the grand babies are so adorable. Love Carver being able to be like Papa Moo. Now when he sees someone on oxygen he won’t be scared. Good job Mama. Praying you will get some much needed answers and Rager can get some relief.
    Continuing to pray for the Kramer’s.
    Love, hugs and prayers.

  9. There is no artifice in young children, they tell it like it is! Hahaha
    Carver looks like a real imp with the cannula and big grin! I love seeing his smiles, so precious!
    The picture of the babies makes this Granny’s heart go pitter-pat! What a joy they must be to the whole family!
    Thank you for sharing your journey and your joys. You have my continued prayers.

  10. Ah, those adorable babies, love seeing them. You may have two chins but you make up for it by looking 20 years old, how do you do that? All the best for Kramer, hope he gets home soon!

  11. Prayers for Roger’s tests & results and comfort taking place better than soon. You’re all doing what needs to be done, handled, accomplished beautifully and with such love & strength. Kramer Strength!!
    The pictures of the grandkids are wonderful! Hugs & prayers, Gloria

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