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Last week on Sunday Hubby’s boss was away so Hubby was on Sunday afternoon chore duty.  He asked me to ride along and although it was drizzling, I said yes.  I needed to get out of the house…needed it badly.

He said new calves were in and I always love seeing the new calves….especially the small ones.


At the farm calves come in at a variety of sizes.  This is a smaller weight group.  Typically the calves are larger but it depends on what’s available, what the per 100 weight price is and how many are in a bunch.  The guys like to have the bunch be from as few as farms as possible.

Cattle jockeys (people who group and sell cattle) bring calves together from farmers and bunch them together in groups.  The fewer farms that the calves came from the few chances of picking up disease or sicknesses.  Then guys like Hubby’s boss contact the jockey and let them know what they are looking for and purchase through the jockey.  The jockey gets a cut working as the middle man between the farmers.

These guys were fun to see.  They were pretty little.  When we walked into the barn almost all except a few in the back were laying down.  As we came in more and more started getting up.  I kind of miss the farm some days….

After chores at the farm we were off to Hubby’s bosses place.  They have calves on pasture there.  His boss has a wooded are with pasture and each summer they keep calves there to keep the grass down.  There are lots there…likely 100.  All came up to the bunk except these in the back.


Farm rules dictate that we’ve not allowed to leave unless all the calves are given a “once over” look.  Both Hubby and I were concerned about the laying down….we called and he didn’t rise.  UGH.

Hubby was feeding them so I volunteered to walk out and check on him.

Thankfully he was just spoofing me.  Nothing was wrong with him.  He just didn’t feel like walking up to the bunks for feed.

Crops are going in…we’ve had rain on and off.  Nice rains actually.  They are on a good schedule and happy with how things are progressing.  By the time you read this, corn will be in as will most if not all the beans. It’s really been a wonderful spring for planting.  Hubby is putting in long hours and it’s been lonely here.  Leaving by shortly after 5am in the morning and coming home at 9pm makes for a tired husband and lonely wife but it’s all part of farming.  After 30 years together, I know that….it doesn’t always make it easy.

In the post, I mention that it was drizzling this day…We actually welcome a rainy day here and there in the planting season.  It’s the only way we see each other!

So the farm report is this…all is good.

6 thoughts on “At the Farm”

  1. Jo, your posts are ALL so interesting. I love hearing about farming and how it actually works. I hope you always include some updates on what is going on at hubby’s farm.

  2. Drizzly/chilly…..make that Cold! 38F this a.m. and colder tomorrow (near Houston,MN). Hoping for some warm weather so everything can really begin the growing season. The acreage around us is planted.
    Great sewing days, thought!!!!!

  3. My daughter is a farm wife with a 6 month old baby. Her husband is busy this time of year and other young wives don’t get the long hours and lack of help with the baby.

  4. After 44 years of marriage to a farmer, I’m well accustomed to his long work days that begin at 4:30 a.m. and go until dark (or after). It can be a hard life sometimes, but it’s also rewarding.

  5. I attended a Land Grant college which meant we had an Ag school on campus. One of the favorite things to do on a sunny spring day was walk up to the Dairy Barns and the sheep barns to see the young animals and their mamas.. That was a long time ago ( I’ve been married 53 years) but it is a special memory. It’s where my husband and I went on our second date. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  6. I love farming and your life sounds like mine at one time, my husband was a long haul truck driver and we were lucky to have a full day a week together. He drove and I raised the family then I hit the road with him. Miss those days of him being around.

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