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Last time I wrote and told you what Hubby is up to on the farm I told you about the ailing shed roof.  The guys have been working on shed improvements most of the summer.  It’s been hard as they have been working around cattle that had to continue to need housing.  They fixed the inside by adding cement first one end and then the other.

Lots of improvements have been made, new roof, new gates and the cement.


Look…no holes and not leaking.  WONDERFUL!!

Forgive the croaked picture.  I couldn’t get out of the truck and Hubby didn’t let me stop to adjust the camera.


They have cattle scheduled to come in but first there is a guy coming who is going to spray the roof on the underside.  Apparently there is a product much like a pickup truck bed liner that can be sprayed in the underneath side of the roof.  He’s supposed to be coming soon then after that new calves will be coming.

While we were at the farm Hubby had to show me a rock that he found out in the field.  He wants to have our name and year established carved in under that.  What do you think?  We’d landscape and such around it.  He is super excited about it and I think I’m okay with it too.  My only concern is if it’s too big.  After seeing though, I think I’m okay with it.


He’s working on getting an estimate and information on getting that done.

There is more farm news.  If you drive past the farm you’d see that there’s more construction happening. See??This is going to be a new machine shed.  Right now there is not space to house all of the equipment.  This will greatly help.


We’ve had quite a bit of rain as of late and it’s slowing down the building process.

This was a summer of lots of improvements and construction projects at the farm.  Hopefully they will all be done and finished in time for harvest to roll along.  Harvest isn’t too far away!!

7 thoughts on “At the Farm”

  1. I love the rock idea. I’ve read how much you enjoy things with stories and this rock would be no different. Your hubby found it and I’m sure he could tell you exactly where :) Here in west central WI we only find sandstone that large. Not much good for engraving but I have them around a flower bed here on the farm.

  2. We have big white rocks from the Trio River in places around our front yard, they add a little charm. The product you talked about getting sprayed under the board roof sounds just like the Rhinoshield that we had sprayed on the outside of our house, it’s a wonderful product with a 25yr warranty! You get to pick your colors etc and no more painting for 25yrs, of course we’ll probably be gone by then but the house will still look great. Love your blog Jo I look forward to it every day.

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