At the Cross Stitch Retreat

Bliss…oh, bliss. I’m still so happy about my time away. Today’s post is about the cross stitch retreat I went to last week. It was held at the Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa.

I arrived at 9:30 am on Thursday. It’s the earliest you can arrive. People trickled in all day long…me, I wanted to get in and set up and then do some exploring…and I had friends to meet.

Here is my set up. So fun. As you see, I planned to work on Though He Seemeth Sleeping first.

It’s not necessary, but a lot of people have some sort of little set up. Before I go again, I plan to make a little quilted mat for my things to sit on. We’ll see if it actually happens.

From there I went to the thrift store in town, back to the retreat…and then I met other non-retreating friends at the quilt shop in town. Do you recognize my friends?? From left to right, it’s Gloria, She Gloria from CC in the comments on both Mary’s and my blog, Mary from Country Threads Chicken Scratch fame, and me. These ladies are the best. I had so much fun with them.

Gloria spent a little money at the quilt shop. She has a new baby arriving in her family soon. She has to make a quilt. Mary and I both trying to stitch our stash so refrained.

Then we were off to lunch at Teluwhat. (Tell-you-what is how it’s pronounced). It’s a wonderful restaurant. I was afraid of ordering as my mouth is better but my taste is still way off. I’m happy to say Fish and Chips was wonderful and I could taste it!!

The conversation was just fabulous. We parted ways after a long lunch…and Mary brought plant starts for my son Buck.

A few months ago Mary was lamenting that she needs to stop starting plants but has trouble not starting them…I told her she could start a batch for my boys…and she did! THANKS Mary!!

From there it was back to the retreat center for cross stitching. More people had trickled in. My tablemates were there.

One of the things I love about retreats is seeing what other people are working on. This gal was stitching on silk gauze. I’ve heard of people doing that but never seen anyone in the process of stitching on it. It’s so cool. I love that now I have a resource if I ever want to try it.

She explained that when stitching on gauze, you need to sew muslin to it as it will slip out of the hoop. I love learning new things!!

Here’s a HUGE piece that was being stitched. This is the snowman monthly series from Cottage Garden all being stitched on one massive piece of linen. It was amazing.

Barb brought this Wool Applique book…oh, what a treat to be able to look at it. I think I might order it. HERE is the link if you want to check it out too. As of my writing this, it is a free book if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Someone shared this pattern that I haven’t seen before. It’s of a country church but it is stitched on a piece of linen that has the words for the old hymn Amazing Grace stamped on it. So pretty.

I spent most of my time sitting across from my friend Kathryn and next to our friend Barb. Yes I rambled around and talked with other people but most of my time was here. We had great tablemates across from us as well. Some I knew from the last retreat and some new. LeAnn was at our table much of the time too. She stayed at the hotel so didn’t stitch as late as many of us did.

My main focus was Though He Seemeth Sleeping from Lucy Beam. On Friday, I put in my last stitch, except for the personalization that I planned to do at home. I ended up adding this color. I’ll tell you all about that piece in my cross stitch update on Friday.

Then I pulled Maggie Mae. The Iowa Women were playing the final four game on Friday night. We all wanted to watch, and were able to. I wanted some easy fill in stitching…this was perfect. I am loving this piece. SO CUTE!!

Check out this gal showing off a new pattern that was in the shop. It’s these Funky Chickens that when you flip them over, they have a saying on them. They were so funny. I a chicken lover, and LOVED them.

Two people had called the shop and left gift certificates there for me. THANK YOU! One was from my friend Ila. On hers is said buy something fun or unusual. I ended up buying this pattern. They are a little bright for my liking so I’m planning on modifying the pattern by using a scrap of cream linen and toning down the colors by my kind of colors. The pattern was initially sold out but they arrived in Saturday’s mail to the Stitchery Nook so Liz saved one for me and I was able to get it.

Here’s a better picture and HERE is a link if you’re interested in the pattern. I can’t wait to give them a prim look. HA!

I did pretty good and didn’t buy a ton more. I had just been there a few weeks ago and didn’t need more.

I bought this pattern…It’s part of Stacy Nash’s Animal Cracker Series. She’s called Miss Hazel. She’s a companion piece to Maggie Mae. I made good progress on that one Friday night while watching the basketball game so treated myself to this pattern. You can find it HERE.

I bought this book and black linen for my daughter Kelli… This is from Annie Beez Folk Art and is the 12 Days of Christmas Stockings. All of the 12 days are included in one book. I love them and would like to stitch them too. They didn’t have enough black linen in stock so Liz ordered more. I did get enough for Kelli. You can find the book HERE. The stocking are small and would stitch up in a couple of evenings.

I picked up my missing threads for And God Saw, our stitch along piece.

Liz sent stuff home with me for an upcoming stitch along… Can you guess that it’s a patriotic piece?

While we were there, someone asked for a finishing class. Mary, who is wonderful, and works at the Stitchery Nook is wonderful for a class teacher. The class most were interested is in doing a mattress finish. Hmm. That sounded interesting. I haven’t done that. I believe it is going to be on during the weekend of August 8-11. There will be an open retreat that people can sign up for and with that will be a class. I am thinking of only going to the class. I have other family things that weekend. This is open to anyone…want to come? Mary will show us how to finish a cross stitch piece in a mattress finish. She also said if anyone had a funky chicken stitched she would help them finish that too.

If you’re wondering what a mattress finish is, it’s this…The big one with the eagle. It’s mattress shaped. The sides are not rounded. You can do this finish on anything that is square or rectangle.

I ended up picking this pattern you see below thinking they would be great for a mattress finish…You can find it HERE. Oops. I actually bought part one. I would love to have these quilt-looking pieces out and displayed as individual squares in my house.

Also…they would be quick to stitch!! That’s always a bonus!

I was thinking gift ideas. We’ll see.

Liz shared some wonderful brownies with us…and then after we all begged, she shared the recipe. This is it. She said she cracks up Symphony candy bars and puts them in the bottom of the pan and puts the mix over them. YUM.

I went home late Saturday night.

I had stuff going on Sunday. The dogs I knew wanted me home. My fun bucket was full to the brim.

I HIGHLY recommend going to a retreat. We talk about funny stories…our kids…grandkids…grandmas…recipes…estate planning…widowhood (for some)…cross stitch (LOTS of that)…other hobbies…traveling…menopause…health issues…everything else under the sun. It is so good to talk and share…SO GOOD. It’s good to hear others’ thoughts and perspectives.

I had so much fun and will be going again in July and again in September. The September one is an open stitch. That means anyone can come. Think about it. It will be held the 19th through the 22nd. I promise you will have fun. Join us…some of the people who came this time are going again but there are lots of open seats. People stitch on anything from Charlotte’s fancy silk gauze to Aida. Newbies to long-time stitchers are there. We have people from 40 minutes away to 10 hours. All are welcome. Give the Stitchery Nook a call…and as always, feel free to ask me any questions.

23 thoughts on “At the Cross Stitch Retreat”

  1. What a wonderful time you had! I am so happy for you! Your stitching is beautiful and I love those chicken. So cute.
    Love and prayers

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Your post sounded great! I’m looking forward to seeing more. I can’t decide which was best, the chickens or your great finish on Though He Seemeth Sleeping.

  2. I love those chickens. Yesterday I saw a kitchen decked out in red and white and I’m thinking chickens with red and tan for your kitchen would look nice sitting on your red counters.

  3. So much fun! It is just what the doctor ordered for you at this time. Time with friends, time meeting and making new friends, and seeing other people’s projects. Super fun for sure and so happy you could go! Oh and the brownies sound wonderful too!

  4. So was your retreat limited to only those who worked on linen? Just curious as to retreats work. Glad you had fun–I’d love to try one at some point, but work on Aida.

    1. NO…Not at all. Everyone is welcome. We don’t even mind if you are doing wool applique or embroidery…or crocheting for that matter. There are people working linen and Aida. The gal next to me was working on an Aida project. It was so pretty. The gal across from me was working on silk gauze fabric. The more the merrier. We all learn from each other. It was so fun as one can had a Lawry stand and let another gal try it. She loved it and ordered one online while we were there. Another gal didn’t bring a light and a different gal borrowed her one. It’s a very community event. So good all the way around.

  5. So nice that you were able to have a very nice time doing something you love with people whose company you enjoy. The projects look very interesting. Love the Hazel and chickens.
    Makes me think I might try a few simple projects myself. I used to cross stitch long ago.
    Have a wonderful day

  6. Hi Jo—so glad you had such a happy retreat! Can I ask for some help? After I saw Though He Seemeth Sleeping on your blog, I ordered it right away. I really loved the verse, but your colors are calmer. Can you tell me what you used for the lines of the rhyme? (Especially like your red!). I just can’t get this to work and put it away two days ago. And here you are, leading the way. Again. Thanks for your help! Jane

  7. Your retreat sounds wonderful! Glad you had a good time!

    Could you please share a link or a bit about the light you use?

    thanks so much, Karen

  8. So fun to hear about the cross stitch retreat. I have been to many quilt retreats, which are so much fun. I may have to try a cross stitch one. The best part is visiting with others and seeing what they are working on. It seems I learn something new every time.

  9. I was great seeing you again and all the others.
    I think I’ve turned Diane into a ‘retreat addict’. I know she’s coming back to Osage.

  10. Jo, I ordered the “Summer Sweets” pinkeep kit from The Stitchery Nook in anticipation of your stitch along. Have you started that stitch along and I just didn’t see it? I’m chomping at the bit to start but was waiting to hear that it was time.

    1. It’s in Osage Iowa at the Stitchery Nook. Just give them a call at this number and they will fill you in. 888-406-6665

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