At the Auction

Last night we went to an auction.  It was unusual to do to an auction on a Tuesday evening.  Typically auctions are on weekends around here.  The gal who was keeping books explained that this particular auction had lots of antiques and they wanted the antique dealers there and scheduling on Tuesdays is something they are trying.  That was fine with me…only problem, Hubby works later than 3:00 in the afternoon when the auction started.

We got there later.  Here was my box of junk for the night.

This box is TOTALLY not me…it’s girlie and has three mirrors it it.  I am lucky if I remember to look in a mirror before I run out the door.  Any guess on what I bought it for?

This.  I never wear my wedding rings because, as I said, I am not girlie a drop.  I don’t like rings either.  Now I can put my wedding rings in the hand…That way they have a place of honor-just not on my finger!!  Silly I know but completely me!

4 thoughts on “At the Auction”

  1. Okay, WHAT is the plate like thing on the bottom that says “corsets”? You’ve got to give us a full picture and explanation of that one! Is it old?

    Love the mirrors and hands.

  2. oh i love the idea of a special place for your rings. I love my rings, but when they are off (as they are right now) i want them in a specail place.

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