At the Auction

If you read this morning’s post, you know that I took Saturday as an away day.  I stopped at the thrift store and then I decided to stop at the auction.  I really didn’t want to stay.  I really wanted to get on with the errands and get home to sew but I walked in the door and saw this…  It’s a cedar chest but I loved it.


We’ve been looking for a coffee table.  This one is awesome.  I could be used as is but I think I’d likely talk Hubby into refinishing it.  Oh I liked it.  I didn’t know if I wanted to stay the whole auction though.  Time to look around a little more.

You might notice that the cedar chest had a Saturday sticker on it.  Well this was a two day auction.  Part was being sold Saturday and the rest Sunday.

Um…love the

Not long ago Buck had told us if we saw a dresser, we should big on it for him.  Hmmm…would this one be something he was interested in?

…or did he want the bed that was sitting next to it?  Check it out.LOVE IT!!


Oh, we don’t need another bed…we don’t need another bed at all!  Buck might though.

But oh.  Look at this high chair.  I’m in love.  I want it but there’s no tray.  Did I need a tray?  Where would I put it?  My mind raced.  If I could come up with a place, I might have to big on it.


Oh and look…I love the clock too.


So do I stay….I’d likely waste a whole day.

I decided that there was quite a bit at the auction to be sold before they’d get to my things so off I went to do more errands.  I messaged Buck.  Yep he was interested.  He gave me a low ball number of $150.  He liked it but wasn’t loaded with money on this particular day.  I said I’d bit and see.

Back at the auction the high chair came up first.  I still hadn’t come up with the perfect place for it.  I was willing to overlook that if the price was right.  Bidding started.  I didn’t even bid.  It went for $80.  That was a good price I would have happily paid.  I thought to bid but I didn’t have a place for it….plus I knew the lady that was bidding and I knew she’d give it a good home.

Next up the clock.  Hmm… I liked it but don’t know anything about clocks.  Two others sold before it but I liked this one better.  It ended up going for OVER $200.  I don’t remember the name brand but I think that’s what made this one so much more valuable.

Ok.  Dresser time.  It started out the auctioneer couldn’t get a bid.  I finally started it at $25.  That was low and I was hopeful that I would get it for Buck’s $150.  I already decided I’d add a little to his bid if it looked like it was going to be a close bid.  Up-up-up it went.  I had the bid at $130.  I was giddy.  The other bidder quit.  Then the auctioneer went over and wesseled a bid out of the other bidder.  He had it at $140.  I quickly bid again.  $150.  It was mine.  Would the other guy bid again….NO.  I got it for $150.  That was a great deal.

Now onto my cedar chest….I was hoping I could get it for $75.  Bidding went.  I started it out at $25.  It steadily rose and quit with me.  $75 was my bid and it was mine.

I am a fast bidder.  I bid.  I don’t hesitate.  Then I quit.  When I quit I don’t rebid.  EVER.  I like being a fast bidder.   I think it makes the other bidder believe I am going to pay more for it than I will.  Who knows?  Today it worked on these two pieces I really wanted.

Then of course the problem of how to get it all home.  Hubby was busy helping the carpenter.  I couldn’t load it alone.  I didn’t have a screw driver.  Kalissa to the rescue.  Yahoo.  While I waited for her to come I watched the rest of the auction.

This little cupboard went for $50.


I almost bid on it simply to paint and resell it.

I thought to bid on these old boxes too.  The  front one went for $65 and the green one, $175….


After they sold, I was still waiting so decided I’d try to buy the white table under the green trunk.  One leaf of the drop leaf table was broken off and was 6″ shorter than the other leaf.  I figured $25 and Hubby would have another piece to fix up.  UMMM…Nope didn’t happen.  That broken down little table went for $75.  By the time we fixed it up we’d have too much time and labor into it to make it worth reselling.

Don’t the prices surprise you?  The nice stuff goes cheap and the beat up thing go high.  I think that Fixer Uppers show has really had an impact on the junk/antique markets.  I’m so happy I like the good stuff.

Hubby was happy with my purchases….now let’s hope Buck loves the dresser when he sees it.

I ended up having a good time and had a great Saturday away.  I took pictures of the things that were going to be for sale the next day.  I wanted to show Hubby.  As tempting as they were, we decided to stay home.

3 thoughts on “At the Auction”

  1. I never thought about a cedar chest as a coffee table! What a great idea! Such a nice height, too. I have been wondering if it was time to get a coffee table. Maybe then we would look at our photo albums more…or maybe it would just get piled up with books and magazines. No, since I babysit, it would soon have cars and trucks on it. Enjoy your purchases!

  2. Love going to auctions and it always amazes me what goes for a lot of money and then some really great stuff doesn’t. I think the dresser is super nice but I love the details on your cedar chest. You found some nice treasures.

  3. Love that dresser!!! That was a steal!!! The cedar chest for a coffee table is brilliant!!! Think of all the storage!!!

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