At the Auction

Last Thursday Kelli and I went to an auction up in Cresco, Iowa.  We went with the intention of checking out some pieces of furniture to chalk paint but ended up with entirely different things.

The weather was awful and rainy so there was a big crowd as people weren’t out doing yard work or such.  We got there a little later after the auction was already in full swing so we didn’t see the little items that would be coming up for sale.


The auctioneer held up this little dog and immediately I started bidding.  Kelli just looked at me wondering why I was bidding on that.  Well when I grew up my brothers each had one of these critters.  One brother had a cat and one had a dog just like this one.  When the boys got older I inherited both of them.  The cat’s tail eventually shredded but I remember playing with them lots.    I decided to buy it for nostalgia sake.


Then when I got home I showed my auction goodies to Hubby and he said-“Hey, I had a cat just like that!”  Well for me that made the purchase even better.

My other buy of the night was a flat of chickens…not real ones…


I have quite a collection of chicken things and these are just going to go into the collection.  Rarely do I ever get this many things all in one sweep.  It was kind of unusual for me too as the I didn’t see them in advance.  The auctioneer just said this flat of chicken…I could tell there might be salt and pepper shakers but didn’t know for sure.  On a whim, I just bid.

All in all, I think I got a good deal…$12 for the flat.  There were a couple other things in the flat but I put them in a box to go to Goodwill already.

With my puppy being $12 and my chickens being $12..that’s a pretty cheap auction for me to have went to.  I don’t know that anything was an amazing deal but it was a fun night out.

We didn’t end up getting any furniture…Kelli got a couple things but I’ll let her tell the story of those items next week.

Today we are hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday.

3 thoughts on “At the Auction”

  1. Hi, Jo! So funny to see that dog–I have one myself from an estate sale. Mine is dark brown all over and the original owner did something with the eyes that give it a slightly demonic glare. Your version is so much nicer! Good haul from the auction!

  2. Our auction is tomorrow night (every Friday night) I was just looking at the photos of what is to be sold, and they have a Hoosier cabinet and I thought of you. Here’s the website:

    A lot of junk, but I’ve got my eye on the two tall silver racks. Maybe put those in the basement to hold canned goods or fabric.

  3. coloradolady

    I love your dog! I have one similar that belonged to my grandma! Love the chickens too. Great finds for sure. Happy VTT!

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