AT LAST: Pineapple Crazy

Yahoo…It happened.  I did it!  I am THRILLED.  Pineapple Crazy is a done quilt!!

In all of my life I never dreamed I’d be able to do a quilt like this.  NEVER.

When I first started this quilt I was all excited.  Then I finished one block and it took 50 minutes per block if I was hustling along….I lost my momentum.  Then I decided that I actually liked paper piecing after I learned a few things along the way.  I made a list of some of the “how to” blog posts I wrote while making the quilt.  I had lots of questions asked about organization, printing paper and the like.  Here they are for anyone who would like to go back and read them.

How to print papers
How I Organized
Ask Jo Questions
More on Organizing

Wow.  I have blogged about this quilt SO MANY TIMES.  I had to dig to find those posts.

I remember WAY back when I was making Bonnie Hunter’s Crab Apple quilt I was complaining about paper piecing.  Just for reference sake:  That was in 2010 and this was the piece I was paper piecing.  Read about that here.


That tree trunk.  Bahahahaha!!  As the old Virigina Slim Cigerette ad said, “I’ve come a LONG way baby”.  I’m so glad I went on, challenged myself with harder paper piecing and moved past that stage in my life.  Now I actually like to be challenged in my quilting.

The bulk of my blocks were done here on this machine.  It was 2015.  We had just moved to this house.  The sewing room wasn’t finished.  I had this small spot to sew.  I didn’t have my stash easily available.  It was sew on these or nothing.  For two months I worked super hard to try to do 12 blocks a week.  Sometimes I made it plus some….other weeks I didn’t.


I worked hard to finish the machine quilting on the quilt on Sunday night and finished it up over the course of Monday morning, Monday night and then Tuesday morning again.

Then Tuesday night…BINDING!  Yes, I machine bind.

There she is…Oh my!

Hubby came home late from farming Tuesday night.  He knows I’ve been working on this quilt for forever (really only since the book came out in 2012).  I showed him the quilt and he said his usual, “cool”.  Then as I was folding it up he said, “Where are you sending that one off to?” (meaning I was giving it away).  I snapped my head around so fast I almost gave myself whip lash.  Then he busted out laughing and laughing.  He was only teasing me!!  That guy!!

I did all of the block myself except for a six or so that Kayla made.  We were hosting the retreat when Bonnie Hunter came in 2015.  She wanted to try her hand at paper piecing.  She made some from the scrap that were there.  Those scraps were darker.  I debated for a long time…use them, don’t use them?  Most of my other blocks are all brights.

Then I decided to add a little black here and there.

Then it blends in and looks okay.

I did change up the pattern a bit.

The quilt is made up of inner blocks and then has different block at the border.  The pattern suggested this….See the red at the edges?

I made one block like that and then had a different idea.  This…


I ended up using my idea….Here’s how it looks in the quilt.

I am SUPER glad I did it my way.  I feel like the border blocks mimic the inner blocks a little more.  It gives is a lighter feel I think too.

As for the corners, I opted to not do Bonnie’s block for the too.  I decided a string block appealed to me more.

The backing is this.  It was a Hobby Lobby fabric I fell in love with.

I took the time to piece it together nicely so the seam isn’t super obvious.

I’m still in shock that I did it.  This is the first challenging paper piece project I’ve ever done.  Well…I don’t think that is a fair statement.  When I did those tree trunks for Crab Apples, that was the level I was at and it was a challenge.

Thread was a white on top…gray on the back.  I did a simple meander.  I wanted the piecing to be the focus.  It took me a long time to figure that out…but it was the right decision for me in the end.

Every quilt needs a Ruby picture…Carver happened to be here too so it’s a Carver/Ruby picture.

This was the best picture those two would take together this day!!

If you’re following along with me, with the completion of this quilt, there is only ONE quilt left for me to make until I’ll have made EVERY quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling!  I have that quilt under way so watch the blog, over the next month I hope to have it finished!  If you think I’m excited now, I’ll be even more excited then!!

61 thoughts on “AT LAST: Pineapple Crazy”

  1. A fantastic achievement. Your Pineapple quilt is gorgeous! So much work but now it’s finished, so worth while. Beautiful. Is it on your bed yet?

  2. Beautiful quilt and what an achievement, no wonder you are so excited and proud! I loved your hubby’s tease and I love that photo of Ruby and Carver.

  3. Great job, Jo! This quilt is on my bucket list where it will probably stay. A really beautiful finish. Enjoy it on your bed!

  4. Well, I just love this quilt. First, I love that you challenged yourself. Then I love that you found a way to include your daughter’s blocks in this quilt. I love the border changes you made, keeping it light and airy. I love the red binding. I recently used a pretty red as a binding and a member of the guild I belong to admitted that while she would never think of doing such a thing, that it looked like the right choice for that quilt. I am still laughing at that. So when I saw your red binding, I burst out laughing. The last quilt I bound has a bright white binding. I’m such a rascal. Last, I love Hubby’s teasing about giving the quilt away. Maybe he’s a rascal, too.

  5. Congratulations Jo. That’s a beautiful quilt. Loved your hubby’s tease and the picture with both Ruby and Carver. I, too, wonder if it’s on your bed tonight. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work.

  6. I went back and tried to look at the other posts that you mentioned. The first one didn’t work, it came back to this post. But the other posts you mentioned worked. Just thought that I’d let you know. Again – thanks for sharing all that you do.

  7. Congratulations on getting this beautiful, challenging quilt finished!!!! It is gorgeous!!! I like the bits of black throughout the quilt!

  8. FANTASTIC! Congratulations on achieving this finished quilt. I suggest you send it to Bonnie with a link to your blog. She will be thrilled for you :-)

  9. Beautiful quilt, just lovely. With this quilt on your bed, you won’t be able to sleep at night. You’ll keep smoothing your hand over it and smiling to yourself that you did it! How special to have some blocks in your quilt that Kayla sewed, that makes the quilt even more special. When I started paper piecing I also made a simple quilt that I look at now and wonderful why I even bothered paper piecing, it looks so easy now but that’s how we learn. Have a wonderful weekend! Glad your should is doing so much better!

  10. This quilt turned out SO Beautiful,Jo!! I love the extra bits of black, they add a punch to the whole quilt. The white in the borders lets the pyramid shape stand out more too. It’s just lovely! Glad that you will have this quilt around for years to enjoy your own work!

  11. Beautiful! Congratulations on completing the quilt! I’m excited for you that you’re almost done with your goal of completing all the quilts in Bonnie’s book. Can’t wait to see the last one done!

  12. Jo, what an accomplishment. Your pineapple crazy, is FABULOUSLY CRAZY, a true show stopper! Be proud, so inspiring. Your husband’s tease…priceless! However, this could be the quilt that splits the family, who will get this heirloom. I have my own vision of filling a room with my quilts having my kids draw numbers & watching them pick over the quilts (them thinking I’d rather have had money, oh well!).

  13. Are you putting this quilt in a magazine such as Am. Patchwork and Quilting? Hope so. Would love to see the pattern.

  14. Celebration time another milestone reached..Thank you for bringing us along the way your excitement is felt. Great picture of your grandson and Ruby on the quilt.

  15. This is a fabulous quilt, and a fabulous accomplishment! I like your changes to the border, it does feel a little lighter. Congratulations.

  16. It is a beauty Jo. Congratulations on the finish!! I haven’t done much paper piecing but I did start the tree block some years back, maybe I need to get it out and finish it. Thanks for the tip on using Tracing Paper from the dollar store. Please check your 1st link, its not working correctly. Enjoy this quilt on your bed for years to come.

  17. Awesome quilt, Jo! I made a pineapple quilt many years ago, but your quilt used much smaller strips than mine… After seeing yours, I think I’d like to make another one, using Bonnie’s pattern… No idea when that would happen, but I can at least get it on the to-do list!
    Thanks for the inspiration…. And, for thanks sharing!!

  18. W!hat an incredible job! Yea for you! I bet the sense of accomplishment feels good. I know I will feel that way when I finally get my applique project done. Finishing a quilt like that would make me smile all day long!

  19. Kudos to you, Jo! Awesome job! I have a smattering of these blocks completed, but I do want to complete this quilt some day. I like the changes you made to the original. The colors just sing. Yeah for another completion.

  20. SusanfromKentucky

    I love EVERYTHING about your quilt! The picture with Ruby AND Carver is adorable. Would love to see pictures of it on your bed, too. I hope you will keep this one and treasure it.

  21. Congratulations on your finish of this beautiful quilt. I love the colors! A nice picture of Carver and Ruby too. That will help date the quilt in your mind when you see how small he was at the finish.

  22. Amazing quilt!! This is one of my favorites you have done (along with a few others)! A pineapple quilt is on my bucket list.

  23. Can you blog some and show ALL of your versions of Bonnie’s patterns in the book? I’m sure I have seen some of them but interested in how you did them all.

  24. NICELY DONE!!! I have been sorting triangles as I am scrap managing, but Bonnie told me I had better just start it and try to do 1 block a week. . . along with cleaning up my UFO list!!! :) Maybe this will be my treat for our first snow day. . .it is that or dusting the hutch. . .ICK.

  25. The quilt is beautiful! Don’t know how you accomplish all that you do. — There MUST be more than 24 hours in a day in Iowa (although there weren’t when I lived there.)
    On another note….can’t remember if you have mentioned whether you’ve read THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE by Dinan Jefferies. I think you would really like it. I saw it at B&N when it first came out, but thought $26 was a bit much. Thought I’d wait for the paperback. Then, I found it at a library sale for 50 cents..Score! But, it would have been worth the $26! If you can tolerate an ink and paper version, I will send it to you. Don’t know if it is on audio or not.

  26. Such a beautiful quilt! Awesome job!! You deserve a grand champion ribbon for that finish, so nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  27. I am super excited .,.,,, to think you will have all the quilts from that book is just awesome … I wish I would be here 50 years from now when quilt historians talk about “a Bonnie Hunter” quilt. Or have shows of only Bonnie Hunter quilts …. made in the early 21st century!!!!!

  28. That is the most amazing quilt! I can’t even imagine doing something like that, but you did an awesome job and should be very proud of your accomplishment! Can’t wait to see your next quilt :)

  29. Your quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on hanging in there & getting it finished. I know it’s one I will never tackle. My brain and paper piecing just don’t work together. LOL

  30. Absolutely stunning Jo!! If I remember correctly you started this beauty in what is now your laundry room. I’m so happy for you to have set this difficult goal for yourself and be on the last leg of it. You GO GIRL!!!

  31. This is GORGEOS!! Well done and I love the alterations you made to the pattern to suit your own flavour for the quilt.

  32. I just finished reading your post on the Pineapple Crazy quilt as I am about to start making the block. A couple of questions if I may ask your help with. You mention the block was numbered incorrectly. I didn’t see where the mistake is located. Also is there any way I can enlarge the block to say a 6″ block? Would you recommend it. The little pieces are intmidating to me but if you think I should just leave it the size it is so be it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. I would leave the block as is. If you get into a system of doing it, the process is do-able. After ten blocks, you’ll feel so much better about it. Mine were miss-numbered. I got a first edition copy of the book directly from Bonnie. If you bought your book after that, I’m sure that had been corrected with second printings. I answered some questions about the quilt here…
      Check this post out too. I hope that helps. If you have other questions ask away.

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  36. Hi! I love how your quilt just sparkles. I hope you can help me. I have been trying to locate the Bonnie Hunter book where this pattern is published. Maybe I have misunderstood and this is your own pattern. If it is yours would you be willing to share the size and template for the blocks? If it’s Bonnie’s would you give me the name of the book it is published in? I can’t find String Fling and looking on-line where they show the inside pages of the book I don’t see any Pineapple pattern. I’d greatly appreciate any response you give me.

    Enjoy your beautiful quilt!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  37. It’s me again. I forgot to say what attracted me to your quilt was the border you made. It’s different from all the other pineapple quilts I’ve seen. I think that border makes it pop.


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