AT LAST…My Cupboard!!

At last…it happened.  Hubby finished (almost) my cabinet.  Here’s a little reminder of what it originally looked like.  We had gotten it on an estate sale for free.  (If you missed that story, here it is.)


We have had some discussion on where it would go in the house.  It started out that we planned for it to go in the sewing room.  Then I decided nope.  I like it too much.  It needs to be on the main floor.  So I asked Hubby about putting it here in the dining room where this cabinet is.

Hubby has been working on it most of the winter and finally….HERE it’s coming in.

Thank goodness Karl was here to help carry it in.  This thing is HEAVY!  It’s made of oak.

It was in place…now would I like it???

I need the drawers in place to determine that.

Hmm…I think I’m going to love it!

We debated when refinishing it.  The inside of the drawer holes had numbers in them…the drawers had corresponding numbers.  That determines which drawer goes where.

See the “F” on the side for the drawer?

We opted to not got fancy and refinished with the inside as we wanted to preserve that.

Here it is in place.  I really like it.  We definitely need something on the wall above it.  Originally we thought shelving.  Hubby says a mirror.  I’m not excited about that…I thought family pictures.  We don’t have a nice family picture wall yet.  A quilt??  Who knows at this point.  I’m fine to simply live with it a bit and get a feel for it.  It does need something though.  As is, it’s plain.

The two end openings are to have cupboard doors that open.  We are still looking for the right hinges.  So it’s not completely finished but far enough that it’s in place and I can be patient just a little bit longer.

Hubby is not a big fan of the differing drawer pulls.  This is the way it was when we got it.  I kind of like it.  We’ll see.  If he wants to change them all, that’s his choice.

I was sad to see out old cupboard go.  We did sell it.  It was such a favorite of ours but alas…no where to put it.

That was the best estate sale.  We used or sold everything we got in that $11 truck load.  He made my laundry room cabinet from a piece that was purchased there.  More about that here.


Hands down it was the best estate sale I’ve ever been too…Hubby too!!

I am so impressed with the work Hubby has done in the house.  This cabinet is just another of the many things I’m so impressed with!!  I’m so lucky.

I’ll do another update once we figure out what to do with the wall space above.  Any suggestions?

18 thoughts on “AT LAST…My Cupboard!!”

  1. Does the “F” drawer have little partitions inside it? Wonder what they were originally meant for? You’ll no doubt having trouble finding a new use for them! I kinda like the different drawer pulls, but whatever hubby decides will be neat. He is a treasure, but most importantly, he knows you feel he is! On one hand, I think the new chest does need something significant above it like a shelf (maybe a big shelf that would be made a separate piece and set on top of it (then bolted to wall for safety) so it looks like one piece. On another hand, maybe cover 3/4 of wall with an old wooden framed mirror and rest of wall with family pictures along with some more photos on top of the cabinet (below mirror). Just my two cents.

  2. I love this! Such a lot of work went into it, and it’s gorgeous! You guys did a great job recognizing the value and potential in that piece they were giving away for FREE!

    For the wall space, I’d say, put a quilt on that wall! I realized a couple years ago that even though quilting has been my favorite hobby for nearly two decades, I don’t have a single quilt on my walls! (I am partial to the family-picture-wall idea, too, but I like hallway-walls for photos.) I’m sure you’ll know what to do with that wall space at the right time!

  3. I like the idea of the samplers or a quilt. You have so many beautiful quilts to choose from. I have a wall that I keep a quilt hanging on and I change it with the seasons. I made a hanger that fits the space and have clothespins stained and screwed on it to make changing the quilts easy.

  4. For now, grab a favorite quilt, fold it and place it as a “table runner” on the top.

    1. A hutch on top. Glass front doors. Shelves. For your favorite collectibles or storing kitchen serving pieces or dinnerware.

    2. Or a unit without doors. Use the shelves for favorite framed photos.

    3. I’m not matchy matchy on frames but I have my buffet unit covered with standing family photos. Artwork on the wall above it along with our wedding photo and my little sister’s photo on the wall beside the artwork.

  5. In our home, we would probably end up with a hunting mount over it. LOL. But if I were you, I would take my time and choose the things that bring me joy to display on and over the cabinet. Maybe a gallery wall with some family photos and a few of your favorite samplers mixed in and something tall on one side of the cabinet to give it some height. Nothing fancy – just something simple.
    Kuddos to hubby for doing such a wonderful job! Ya’ll make a good team!

  6. I like the different drawer pulls – it gives it character.

    You could do a combination of cross stitch, family pictures, and quilted or wool wall hangings – all of your favorites.

  7. What a wonderful treasure that cabinet became. I’m sure lots of time went into making it look so good. You made some wonderful painted signs with your daughter, one of those might be nice along with some family pictures. The top of the cabinet offers lots of space for placing items that you love to see. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  8. Great job–lots of elbow grease went into that! I would vote for the family pic wall over it because I do love family pictures…and now that you have a grandson (and more to come), you need a family pic wall! We don’t have ours up yet in our new house and I miss it!

  9. All the above suggestions are very nice and well thought out.

    I think it depends on the light in the room and the size of the area

    A mirror makes the space feel both larger and brighter.

    Of course finds the mirror and frame is another whole adventure

    And just because you decide pictures doesn’t mean you can’t have a quilt display also

    In other words you can combine things

  10. Susan from Kentucky

    That cabinet is gorgeous! I love seeing someone take the time and refurbish antiques with stain. I am not a fan of all the painted stuff. I love the the look of wood—especially oak! Hubby did a wonderful job!!

  11. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I think a “family tree” wall hanging would look awesome above your beautiful new cabinet. One where you have sewn plastic pockets all over where you can insert pictures of your family as it grows. That way you can have a wall of family pictures and a beautiful quilt at the same time. I can see a galaxy of scrappy stars on a solid background with the center of each star being the pocket for a family picture. What a fun choice you are going to get to make!

  12. The cabinet is gorgeous! Perhaps you could cover a little bit about how did you remove the white paint, and what did you use for the beautiful finish.

  13. Beautiful work your hubby does! I think you should quilt a runner for the top and set your pictures on it. A lovely big mirror would look awesome on the wall. It would open up your space.
    Just keep us up to date with what you do. Whatever you do, it will be spectacular!

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