Asparagus…the cheap way

Everyone in our family LOVES asparagus!  We have a little patch in the garden but it isn’t enough to feed us for a whole meal.  For years I would buy a pack in town to go with what we had in the garden but that got expensive.  Then one day I discovered some in the ditch across the road.

It was at the end of the season and the asparagus had gone to seed so I couldn’t use it but I made note of where it was located.  I came back in the spring of the next year and this is what I saw….ASPARAGUS!!

I ended up with this….LOTS OF ASPARAGUS!!

I also ended up with this…a stick through my croc and a big scratch on the bottom of my foot!

I’m fine…being a cheapskate has it’s risks….
Anyway…on the supper menu tonight is asparagus our favorite way.  I am not good with giving recipes that have actual measurements so bear with me.  Trust me it’s not a recipe that needs measurements!

Take some bacon (I always have a box of bacon ends and pieces in the freezer-it’s the sign of a cheapskate) Cut some bacon up into small pieces.  Brown it in the frying pan along with an onion.  Cut the asparagus into 1 1/2 inch pieces and fry it as well.  I usually put the lid on.  Fry until tender but NOT mushy.  Serve.  Sometimes we sprinkle parmessan cheese over the top…sometimes not. 

It is heavenly…..Amazingly the asparagus from the ditch is about an inch thick and is tender all the way to the bottom.  YUM!!!  I even eat it raw.

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