Asking Readers: Where Have all the Bloggers Gone?

Every so often I propose a question to all of you in the hopes that you can help me.  Today is one of those days.  Today my question is “Where have all the bloggers gone?”

I started blogging back in 2009.  At that time there were lots and lots of bloggers.  They were blogging on every topic.  Nowadays there are still some but wow, there are a lot fewer.

I used to read a lot of blogs (like 10).  Then as I started in-home childcare, I wasn’t at the computer and when I was, I had to be minding my own blog and writing my own blog posts.  So I slowly whittled the blogs I was reading down and down until I only read one or two a couple of times a week.

Fast forward to my life now.  I’m not doing in-home childcare full time like I was.  I have the grandkids a couple of times a week and a pair of sisters after school.  I have a little more time to catch a blog or two.

I went to look for many of the old ones I previously read and they are gone.  UGH.  I totally understand.  Maintaining a blog is a lot of work.  When blogs started things were a little easier to navigate.  Some people tried it and it wasn’t their thing.  I totally understand all of that.

But…I’d love to read some blogs.

Here is what I’m looking for…Quilting blogs
Cross Stitch blogs
Family blogs
Down-home recipe blogs
Something chatty about ordinary life
Posts regularly

Basically I’d love to read my own blog but not one written by me and one that doesn’t feature my own family and news I already know.

I was really excited to accidentally stumble onto The Polka Dot Chicken.

Ones I already read:
Patchwork Times
Lovin Life at the End of the Dirt Road
Julie K Quilts
Humble Quilts

So readers…what other blogs do you read?  I would love to hear other thoughts on why you like a blog or don’t.  Did you read more blogs and now read fewer?

Please leave a comment and share…Help a gal out and link me up with some blog you love.

97 thoughts on “Asking Readers: Where Have all the Bloggers Gone?”

  1. Many of the bloggers that I followed faithfully have gone to Instagram or have retired. Some were teachers and when they stopped that they lost interest in blogging.

  2. One of my favorites is “Cooking with Brenda Gantt” she’s a 70 something woman from Andolusia, AL who has lots of home cooking recipes.; I think last year she published a cookbook.

  3. Retired …….. I use to frequent 7 or so quilt shops and as of last June 30th they are all gone – retired. Don’t feel sorry for me as I have enough fabric to last 836 years but the folks are VERY missed. I think the programs that use keep track of my blogs have changed and I have been dropped. Most of my current blogs are selling something – every day something new well sort of ……. I don’t need another wool pressing mat, you get my drift. I need to sew more, I need to sew faster like the grass I just need to do IT. A lot of folks do instagram now – perhaps I should sign up for that????

  4. One of the quilters blogs I like is She doesn’t post on a regular basis, but usually about twice a week. She is a marvelous quilter and recently redid her bathroom and wallpapered her kitchen, using her quilting rulers and tools and skills! She has several other quilting blogs listed on her sidebar as well.

  5. i like to read bloggers also but when I go to a new one, usually the only way to sign up is bloglovin and I never seem to receive those in my email. If they have a place to sign up with email I do that and it usually sends them to me. It’s kind of aggravating really. I wish all would use email. I love Country Threads, Judy’s blog (don’t know the name) and yours the best!

  6. Hi Jo,
    You bring up a great point.I like your blog because there’s so much interaction between you, readers and information that shows you are a normal sort of person. I used to subscribe to a couple myself. I had one blog where the lady is from Canada and she had beautiful awesome works but she told you up front that you could reply but not to expect her to. It’s hard to enjoy a non interaction site. I had one who did beautiful work- helpful etc but she went on vacation and someone broke into her home and stole her sewing machines and other things. I think some just get bored or stumped by always “playing to an audience.” Some get tired of the “henpecking” we do to each other. These are just my observations. I have a few – one by a girl named Kirsty from down under. Another from a Connie called Freemotion by the River.
    I am selective too as I don’t have a lot of time but so enjoy having these outreaches through blog’s because I have nobody to physically sew with. And I can’t afford to go to sewing shops or cruises. And there aren’t sewing circles in the churches here. Makes me sad. We can learn so much from one another.

    1. I follow Bonnie Hunter – she’s recently left Bloglovin’ because of their recent/ ongoing issues; other quilt blogs I follow are Making Scrap Quilts From Stash and Vrooman’s Quilts.

  7. A lot of the x-stitch blogs I used to read all went to fb/Instagram or even flosstube & the one or 2 that are left only post once or twice a month or maybe once a quarter. I know, just from reading yours, it’s a lot of work & most of those folks just don’t have time for that anymore. It’s too bad for those of us who aren’t on fb/Instagram, but that’s our choice just as it is for them.

  8. I used to receive posts from patcherymenagerie and really looked forward to them. Somehow I got dropped and now am trying to get back on the auto emails with no luck. Jo, I got dropped from your blog, too, but was able to sign up again. Yeah! This dropping occurred a month or so ago and now I am trying to re-instate these auto posts. When I first noticed your title, I thought you might have noticed fewer viewers. I enjoy your posts – thank you! Countrythreads is great, too.

    1. I was dropped from a few too and at first I thought they were on vacation. I am having problems trying to sign up again with some. There doesn’t seem to be anyplace to sign back up again for emails.

  9. Jo, I am new to reading blogs so I only read yours and Country Threads Chicken Scratch. I enjoy your blog and learning lots about quilting and cross stitch. Love some of your recipes. Lynn

  10. I love Barbara Brackman’s Material Culture and Civil War Quilts because I love the history she provides about the quilts/blocks and their makers. Also read Bonnie Hunter, Diary of a Quilter and Love, Laugh, Quilt. One I really want to like but just can’t is A Quilting Life and that’s because almost every post feels like a sales pitch. For instance: This quilt was made using my (yada yada) line of fabric, or this quilt is from my book (yada yada). I’m a small business co-owner and understand marketing, but that’s a bit much for me.

  11. I follow Making Scrap Quilts from Stash:, sisterschoicetypepad, Bonnie Hunters, diaryofaquilter, Sherri Mcconnel’s blog, and some others now and then.

    1. I second Pinker N Punkin – I also found her recently and have enjoyed her cross stitching – I’m working on the fall stitch along she recently published. I also like Bonnie Hunter and Texas Quilt Gal ( I used to also love Podunk Pretties and had pinned several of her quilt related posts, but her blog was removed as were her instagram, facebook, and youtube content. I fear that something must have happened to her since she disappeared without comment. I miss the ‘old’ days when blogging seemed more like neighbors chatting over the fence, nowadays it’s much more commercialized and business oriented. I have no problem with bloggers having advertising or selling products, designs, etc. because it is so time consuming (and we all have to pay the bills). I just don’t like when the selling is the focus to the detriment of other content. I really enjoy Jo’s blog to get some quilting, some cross stitch (which inspired me to get my cross stitch projects going again !), and family fun.

  12. Bloggers have certainly disappeared during my 15 yrs. of blogging. yes, where have they gone to? I don’t do Instagram or FB so rely on some old faithful bloggers. Chookyblue, Julie K Quilts plus your blog are some of my favourites. Once a blogger starts consistently advertising their products, that is when I stop reading their blogs.

  13. Cooking with Brenda Gantt (with the blue check by her blog name) is a wonderful cooking blog. She lives in AL and started her blog to teach young men and women how to cook during covid. She is funny, smart and wise.

  14. I only read your blog and Bonnie Hunter’s blog. I am on FB and sometimes check Instagram but usually all I see on it are ads or stupid videos. Not sure if I do something wrong , but it is a bigger waste of time than FB.

  15. Most of the blogs that I followed were through Bloglovin. For the past year I have had problems with it and was unable to get blogs through them. So I just bookmarked my favorites..Country Threads, Bonnie Hunter, Judy of Patchwork Times and of course yours. I have slowly been able to add a couple of others that I like to my book marks. I think that Instagram, Facebook and Floss Tube have grown in popularity. Please don’t give up your blog. I love reading about your projects and life in Iowa. I’ve been a quilter for years and now I’m back into cross stitching because of you Jo and I’m loving it!!!

  16. One of my favorites is THe Last Homely House, which comes from Northern England. It’s about quilting, life on a farm, other artists in the area—very interesting. Also, quiltdivajulie—all scrappy quilts, All very unique, not a lot of chit chat. And Whippoorwill Hollow, set In Arkansas , about a couple who leads a homesteading type of life—old recipes, farming, very peaceful vibe

    1. I love The Last Homely House (I watch her every week on You Tube) – she is very down to earth like you, Jo. She talks about and shows family events, does some quilting and a lot of other projects. She is a very quirky and interesting woman.

  17. I can recommend several, many of which I follow now by email due to blog platforms falling apart. I know you probably already follow a few: Quiltville (what quilter doesn’t love Bonnie??), Elefantz (Queensland, Australia, wonderful blog), Sew Can She, Samelia’s Mum (lovely), Cat Patches, Sew Preeti Quilts (love this one!). I am following less than I used to, but it’s more difficult…I try to follow by emails. I’m retired and the time I spend on the computer following blogs is limited – I’m too busy now doing home improvement projects on our house we bought a year ago. We’re busy updating to make the house easier for us as we age. I get up earlier than my hubby so the computer time happens early – unless its really hot (we’ve had 36 days this summer at 100-114, and smoky skies every week from fires nearby). If its hot then we’re outside working on our projects about 6:30 -7 to when its too hot to work (about 9:30-10 for me, I’m a wuss!). I LOVE your blog – seeing what you’re doing, the recipes, the quilting, and your family – all wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work you put in to share with all of us. While I know its an album of sorts for you as well, we all appreciate it!

  18. I also feel like people are doing less blogging. I go to every day. I see your blog there, but usually read yours from Facebook. I don’t read every blog, but as a blogger updates their blog, it goes to the top of the list. I have heard that many have gone to Instagram. I can’t get into Instagram. I’ve followed you for so long, I feel like I know you. We’re also Beagle people!!!

  19. I used to read several blogs also. Life got busy. Now I only read your blog & Bonnie Hunter’s blog:

    1. I’ve been following pinkernpumpkin for a couple of years…Melisa does respond too.
      Occasionally Quiltville. Those are the only 2 I visit regularly besides yours.
      I do try to limit my computer time for more cross stitch and quilting time for me.
      Love and prayers

  20. Jo, if you go to. you can see a lot of different blogs, I scroll through them once or twice a week. I read yours, Quiltville, the colourful fabriholic, Patchwork times (though Judy isn’t quilting right now) and Cat Patches.

  21. Hi Jo, I started with Mary from Country Threads Chicken Scratch. She talked about you on one email and all
    the rain you had received. Mary posted your email so started reading yours. Then you and Judy Laquidara decided to do the “Blessed” stitch along so l have been reading Judy’s now also. I like reading all 3 of your blogs. I have learned a lot from house hold techniques to quilting to (now) cross stitch. I guess I should say
    a little of everything. I have been sorting pictures from way back when my kids were born. (starting in the late 60’s) I also have been duplicating pictures so each one of my kids have the same picture. Getting there
    as ready to get back to quilting and cross stitching. I like going to different web sites of cross stitch patterns
    that you and Judy are doing to look at all the patterns they have produced.

  22. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Strawberry patch quilt works is a great blog, as is Sane and Crazy Quilting. She is so creative! Try Quilting is more fun than housework, too. I miss blogs and the bloggers. Certainly a lot of blame lies with bloglovin. It’s been terrible for months! Love and appreciate your blog, Jo! The Polka Dot Chicken is a great blog, I agree, and her blog roll is terrific.

  23. Hi Jo,
    You and Pat Sloan are the only folks I follow daily. I’ve seen many of the ones the other ladies have mentioned plus Stitchen’ Heaven, but they don’t grab me. I’m really not into FB, Twitter, Instagram and all the others. I really don’t go blogging cause I don’t have the time. Pat Sloan has a cooking blog and a 6 day a week video (love It) that has added to my quilting knowledge as you have. She is also associated with the Fat Quarter Shop. I don’t go to blogs unless I’m sent there by an e-mail. Like one of the ladies said too much advertising. If you go to (I think that is right) and do one of their shop hops and sign up with the different shops you will get to their blogs. You have to register with the shop hop to do this. Most all the shops have most of the shops have blogs then you can pick what you want to get into. I’m going to stick with you and Pat. I do them by e-mail. There are a number of chefs, but I follow any of them on blog. Just get their e-mails and some interesting recipes. If you want I’ll send them. Need to look them up first.
    Love to you and yours,

  24. Here are a few I read. I’ve found that enjoying the blogger’s personality and stories is more important to me than sharing their aesthetic, so there’s a mix of styles. Plus it sparks my imagination to see something out of my wheelhouse. Hope you enjoy some of these! (usually every few days, currently on hiatus thru Sept, a lovely woman) (every few days, lots of improv) (daily, embroidery, quilting and cats, currently sharing an RV trip) (once or twice a week, quilting and books, modern and colorful) (daily, a lovely woman shares her RSC challenges, EPP, hand quilting) (every few days, quilting) (cross stitch, new to me and I’m liking her) (great quilt design sketches every Sunday from a published maker)

  25. Try Posie gets Cozy, on the west coast and, although she sells her own stuff, she does not load her blog with advertising but sends you to her web page. Recipes, sewing, children and family, just a nice peaceful series of posts and photos. Also Attic 24 in England — she’s a crochet person but has a lovely family and does all the same stuff we do except in an English sort of way — home, garden, groceries, family –takes you away to another place. Those two ladies follow lots of interesting creative people, so you can’t go wrong looking at what they follow. Still missing bloglovin, though, it was a great blog gatherer.

  26. Two of my favorites: Wanda posts every day…both quilting and her lovely gardens Nicole is a quilter but shares her life as well. She is headed to Ireland this month so is taking a break until October.

  27. I follow “McWilliams Heritage Farm, Folk, & Forest School” on Facebook. It’s about a couple who homeschool their children and who now have opened up their homestead to other families in the area (SW Wisconsin) near LA Valle. They are teaching the kiss to respect nature, where their food comes from and no worries if they decide to stomp through the mud. Very well written. Daily updates. Reminds me of my own childhood.

  28. KatyQuilts, MaryQuilts,Humble Quilts, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash, and Wedding Dress Blue are ones I follow in addition to some of the above. I didn’t realize Samelia’s Mom was still blogging…it’s been years since I last read her. I don’t do Pintrest and other than the cross stitch resale sites, I’m not much into Facebook either.

  29. Quite a few bloggers I followed for years have died. Some bloggers said they were simply done (Amanda Jean comes to mind). Some quilters no longer quilt and the new topics are not as interesting to me personally. A few posted 1-3 in the last year so I dropped them from my blog list.

    My 2 cents.

  30. I read Country Threads, Patchwork Times and you!
    I used to subscribe to Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville and another blog but they got “woke” with political agendas and I quit them. I appreciate the 3 that I read have no political opinions voiced. I know each of you have opinions but you don’t judge and point fingers and follow the “woke” agenda on your blogs.

  31. I think some of the quilters went to Instagram. One blog that I appreciate (beside others that have already been mentioned) is little penguin quilts. She usually posts four times a week.
    Thank you for your blog and the variety of topics you cover each day.

  32. Sisters Choice blogs regularly. Live a Colorful Life blogs regularly and she also shares family and grandkids sometimes. I enjoy Stitched in Color, she’s an ex-pat living in the Netherlands now and talks about that experience as well as her family and quilting adventures. Maybe there will be something there that suits your fancy.

    Carole Knits is not so much about knitting these days as life, travel and food. And books, she’s a librarian.

  33. There are a few blogs that I bookmark as favorites as I don’t subscribe: jo’s country junction (of course!), cheryl’s frugal corner; one hundred dollars a month; making scrap quilts from stash; me and my quilts; sane, crazy, crumby quilting

  34. Many that I follow have been mentioned above. Another I like is Dirt Road Scrapper. Interesting ranch life, recipes and quilting. Some of the blogs I want to enjoy have so many ads that my iPad shuts them down … very frustrating! I don’t subscribe to any blogs … I just search them whenever I want to. But you’re right … there are far fewer blogs now.

    1. I got dropped too and I’m assuming that it is because Jo changed her blog site and someone just missed us. I keep all my addresses in “My Favorite” file. It works for me.

  35. Hi Jo, as your blog regularly appears on “Quilting Blogs” link up, I’m sure you realise that many many blogs also feature here. Including my own, I live half a world away in New Zealand.
    Happy blogging and reading

  36. When Blogger and Blogspot started having so many technical difficulties, many bloggers went to IG. Now IG wants everyone to do “reels” in a sort of Tik Tok format. I find most reels annoying. Why not just leave IG alone? It’s one of a kind. Let TikTok do their own thing and IG do theirs. It’s getting really hard to follow anyone on IG now because of all the ads. You would have to scroll for hours to find all the posts. I wish they’d go back to blogging.

  37. I have a blog (Pond Hollow Quilts) but haven’t been posting regularly. However, I have a list on my sidebar (like you do) of the blogs I like to read regularly. Anytime the blogger writes a new post, it updates the info on my sidebar to show the new topic and when it was posted. The blogs at the bottom of my list are those that haven’t posted in years. Sure do miss reading those. I have never subscribed to Blogger or any kind of notification service. I just check the list on my blog to see who has written a new post. A few other blogs also show a list of their favorite blogs on their page and I might look at their list if I want to read something new.

  38. Cat Patches and From My Carolina Home write long posts about their lives, quilting and other activities. Both very satisfying reads.

  39. I think blogging got replace by Instagram and you tube, but apparently it is making a return – I can recommend Stitching Farm Girl, a new Zealand farmer who quilts and sews and spends a lot of time with her children and grandchildren

  40. I love Stash Bandit. She is a gal from Nebraska who has a wonderful concept of scrappy quilts and has been published frequently in the quilt magazines. Lots of free sample patterns and ideas on her blog. Also Me and My Quilts (or QuiltDivaJulie) has some beautiful scrappy quilt ideas. And of course, Quiltville!

  41. I like the same things you do in a blog. Yours is my favorite, but I do also enjoy reading the agilejack blog. She enjoys sewing, quilting, hiking and has 2 border collies that are training for agility trials. She lives in the State of Washington and takes some beautiful pictures. She also posts pictures of her readers “Frankenbags”, a tote bag pattern she came up with. Lots of eye candy.

  42. I read Quilts….etc, Quilting is More Fun Than Housework, Sew’n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog, and Tamarack Shack. I too think a lot of the blogs have gone by the wayside. I think it’s because we have facebook now and it’s easier to just post a little bit at a time.

  43. quilted twins is a good one. she does a lot of charity work. she’s in Poland and her twin runs the
    fabric store in Dade City FL.

  44. A quick and easy way to find many different blogs-QUILTINGISBLISSFUL has blogs on many different topics listed on her sidebar; lots to explore there. Also arianequilts (who doesn’t blog anymore) lists many different ones on her sidebar.

  45. For the commenters who have been dropped by various blogs: you can use Feedly to subscribe to blogs, if you don’t want to deal with individual emails. You just go to Feedly’s website to subscribe to each blog. You will then see a list of all the new posts from all your blogs. Feedly has phone apps, as well. It’s free for up to 100 subscriptions.

    There’s a little bit of hope; some of the bloggers in my Feedly have started to return to blogging since Instagram has been trying to be more like TikTok.

    I see many of my favorites in your suggestions, but also some new ones. Thanks, everybody!

  46. Blogging is dying quickly with people turning to instagram and Facebook. Some have turned to YouTube where they are making a decent income from their sites. Bloglovin is defunct and readers have to pay to have feedspot. I love your blog as you have clear titles on your posts. There are some I never read and others I wouldn’t skip. What I don’t like about your blog are the multitude of ads that frequently crop up while I’m reading but I understand you need the ads revenue.

  47. Yes, lots of bloggers went to IG. Not just quilters, but garment sewers, needleworkers, knitters, crocheters, I can’t think of a category that hasn’t lost bloggers. I understand though – blogging is work by the time you take the photos, upload, write a post, etc.
    Besides yours, I read Exuberant Color, Material Culture, Pinker & Pumpkin, Treadlestitches, Needle n’ Thread, Samplers & Santas. These people still post frequently. I also use the sidebar links on Fabric Therapy, Nifty Quilts, and Rugs & Pugs to hop over to other blogs, quite a few of which are mentioned by other commenters already. Rugs & Pugs is a rug hooker but she has a nice sidebar list of cross stitcher links.

  48. I used to read a ton of blogs and now I just read yours and Bonnie Hunter. A lot of bloggers moved over to instagram when it started and quit blogging.

  49. I enjoy Cat Patches with Barbara Stanbro. She is a quilter and embroiderer and she likes to cook and can and garden and take pictures of everything. They have an RV that they take trips in with their 2 cats two or three times a year. They are on a trip now. She post every day. Susan McG.

  50. Canadian Needle Nana. A blog about country life, cross stitch, quilting, dogs, cooking, quilting. Wonderful blog written every Thursday. Reminds of your wonderful blog, Jo.
    Your blog is the best and I so appreciate and look forward to your posts. Love your quilts, beautiful family, recipes, photos of Rosie and helpful tips.


    I have a couple I enjoy. My Threadbare Life and Elaine Adair Quilts. Both are not daily bloggers. I read your blog daily, Marge

  52. Ihave supposedly signed up for so many of these blogs but never get anything from them. I don’t know if it’s my browser or something with theirs. But it is frustrating. As a retired greatgranma I have plenty of time for reading. Love new recipes, quilt inspiration and tricks, and family stories but it’s hard to get these. Thanks for all the info about them from everyone.

  53. Quilted Twins. She is an American living in Poland and makes approximately 120 charity quills a year and has a great many free patterns. Many of her quilts are made from scrappy up-cycled materials. This year has been atypical as a huge amount of time was devoted to helping in Ukraine with both quilts and needed items . She is just started getting back to making quilts for a big charity quilt give away once a year. She posts daily except for Sunday.

  54. This post has certainly struck a chord with many of us. I also miss the early days when there were so many hobbyist blogs. Times change, though, and there are still many gems including yours. Some of my other favorites include: Wanda’s Exuberant Color, Karen’s Quilts etc., Julie’s Me and My Quilts, and Chopin–A Passionate Quilter from Texas. I know I’m forgetting to list some.

  55. Try From My Carolina Home. She has a little bit of everything … quilting, sewing, recipes, gardening, tanlescapes, family…she posts nearly everyday.
    I th8nk you would enjoy her.

  56. I enjoy many of the blogs already mentioned. Another blog I find very interesting is bytaniwa.blogspot. She is from Japan and quits, sketches, and expains life and customs in Japan. She would make a wonderful neighbor. :)

  57. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned Spinster Stitcher ( Coni is an amazing stitcher. Jo, I think you will really enjoy her work. More than that, she is a brilliant writer. Each post is like a letter from a best friend, catching you up on her life. And she makes me laugh out loud. When I discovered her blog, I went back and read every post from the start. It’s that well done and interesting.

  58. I’m a quilter who still blogs. I’ve been following you for years and I love that you tell family stories in addition to posts about quilting and stitching, but my family wants privacy so I rarely post about family stuff. My blog is and I try to post on Mondays and Fridays, with occasional other posts in between.
    I used to follow a lot of blogs via Bloglovin but they apparently are out of commission now so I haven’t been able to keep up with my favorite bloggers as much. Here are some of my favorites: She took over Design Wall Monday from Patchwork Times She posts a Friday Finished Or Not linkup and also a lot of Quilts of Valor, plus a lot about her life on a working Colorado ranch Lots of ideas for scrap quilts Excellent color sense and she’s been very generous to me Wanda has the best color and design sense of any blogger I’ve seen, truly remarkable
    Here’s a website that collects and posts quilt blogs:
    I hope you find some new blogs you like!

  59. Hi Jo, I’m pretty new to blogs, yours is the only one I read. I stumbled onto it when a google feed article featured one of your quilts, the “show off” quilt as I remember. I fell in love with it and clicked on to your blog. I read the “about me” section and decided to keep reading. I love your blog because it celebrates all the things I love – quilting, cross stitch, and family. I also really like your approach to life and your values, mine are the same. I think you have a fantastic attitude and I see you as an example for me. So thank you for your blog, for your family, and for you. God bless you, Jo

  60. I have been blogging since I retired in 2011. I can’t post everyday, but I try to be regular. I find writing difficult and navigating all the steps in posting photos, but looking back, I am grateful for the time I spent these years for the friendships made, life shared, ideas and a look back at what I have done. I am grateful for the relationship with many quilters as they go through life. I do not like Instagram because it is all click, click, click and no content or story. I don’t like to consume media, I like to engage with it which is why I blog. It is work. I am grateful for those who follow me. I use Blogger and it has a dashboard reading list that I enter in the blogs I want to see. When I go to the reading list, I can see all the new posts. I would not like email notifications and don’t know how to set them up for readers.

  61. I was at a cross retreat over the weekend and am just now catching up on email. Wow!! You asked and have you received! :-) These may be duplicates, but I also regularly read these:
    The Twisted Stitcher (Vonna Pfeiffer, who I know you’ve heard of)
    Spinster Stitcher
    Stitching Dreams
    I did see others mention Pinker N Punkin, and I think that’s another really good one.
    Have fun checking all these out – mine and all the others’.

  62. I read Bonnie Hunter’s and Wendysquiltsandmore. I write a weekly blog at I usually check out blogs listed on other blogs like Wendy’s. I think some people are using Instagram instead of blogging.

  63. I’m not a quilting blog, but I do write in my blog more regularly than a lot I’ve read! It does make me sad how many blogs are abandoned. I think instant social media and microblogging have made things too instant and easy, sadly. Not many like to sit down and write anymore. Xanga was my favorite website for a LONG time. I’m glad a lot of us are still around.

  64. I don’t do needlework (I’m a knitter, spinner, crocheter) but I enjoy seeing it.
    I follow the Spinster Stitcher, though it’s difficult these days with Bloglovin’ down more than it’s working

  65. elizabeth a hinze

    Spinster Stitcher
    Yarn Harlot
    Humble Quilts
    Thank you for asking this question I’m going to read
    the comments see what’s out there
    I think people underestimate blogs
    There’s power there : )

  66. I like chatty blogs where I actually come to feel I know the person and I find I become invested in follower gbthe ups and downs of their life. I also learn a lot from them when they talk about their daily projects whether it be sewing or cooking or other crafts abd interest.

    One I like a lot is called Crazy Quilter on a Bike. You might want to go back and read some older entries. She has been on a long project to declutter her sewing spaces. It is very inspiring to follow her journey. I have been inspired to do some decluttering and start using my “hoard”.

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