Ask Jo: Waffles, Jelly Rolls and Longarming

Every so often questions or comments come to me that I think everyone might be interested in learning the answer to.  Then I address them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After reading my blog post about my waffle iron that I bought on Ebay…and then found it had a faulty cord, Jane and several others wrote:
“Reread the listing and then contact the seller. If they are a good seller they will do something to make this a better transaction for you.”

First off…I showed the waffle iron cord to Hubby and he said that would not be a problem to fix.  I still felt is was not fair that I would have to pay full price.  I kindly messaged the seller and she was great.  She split the cost in half and she refunded me the difference.

After this post about the charity quilt from Heather and Cheryl, many of you wrote how excited you were.

So many of you have jelly roll race quilts that you thought needed some zip, but then saw Cheryl’s idea of adding blocks around the edge and thought you might do the same thing.

When Cheryl sent the pictures I too was impressed with how she took a regular quilt and gave it some WOW!

I’d love to see any pictures or links anyone wants to send my way of any upgrades they do or have done on jelly roll race quilts.  We can all learn so much from each other.  I’ll happily put together a blog post about it if I get enough people to send ideas in.

Last week I showed a picture of a quilt Kelli and I are finishing up.  I told you that we had submitted it to a magazine and hoped it would be picked up.  The good news.  I did get picked up.  American Patchwork and Quilting will be featuring it in one of their upcoming magazines…I’d guess for next fall.

We also got another question about the quilt.  A blog reader wanted to know “if I have a long arm machine, why would I send a quilt out for someone else to quilt”.

That’s an easy one to answer.  Then I don’t have to stress about it.  I am an okay longarmer.  I’m not super talented.  I am poor at picking out a unique motif.  I don’t always have the time a quilt top needs.  I am intimidated by big open space on a quilt.  I don’t like stressing about it.  This quilt top has hung waiting to be quilted for a year.  I said no more and moved it on.

Our longarmer, Carla, is fabulous.  She is punctual.  She comes up with great designs.  She is reasonably priced.  If we have a quilt that “needs something more”….she’s our girl.

I know my limits…I know my talents….I know what I do and don’t want to do.  I know which quilts have potential.  This one I though had potential if the “right” thing was done to it….Carla’s the girl to do the “right” thing.  We highly recommend her.  Here is her contact info.  Carla is the same person who did the quilting on cover quilt… On the Bright Side.


Speaking of which.  Is anyone going to Houston to the Quilt Market?  Our quilt will be hanging there and Carla and I would LOVE to have a picture of it.  Will anyone do that for us?  PLEASE!!  Neither of us can be there so this would be such a treat for both of us.

That’s it for this version of Ask Jo.  If you have other questions, please ask…leave a comment or send an email.

10 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Waffles, Jelly Rolls and Longarming”

  1. I’ve made a few jelly roll race quilts – and the thing that I sometimes do to “spice up” a less exciting top is to cut a strip out of it – a few inches to the left (or right) of the middle. Make it about 10″ wide – then sew a contrasting fabric to both sides of it, and sew it back into the middle of the quilt – BUT, sew it going the opposite direction of the original fabrics. This also has the added benefit of making the quilt just a bit wider too – sometimes JRR quilts seem kind of narrow.

  2. Been thinking of you and your medical challenges. THe day you posted that I was unable to comment but know you r in my thoughts and prayers. I have two charity’s quilts to send you but hesitant …do you still want them? Or rather I wait?

  3. Jo, I’m glad you were able to contact the seller and get a partial refund without bashing her name on your blog. Too many people today will complain on social media, without making an effort to contact a company or individual. I admire the way you live and the kindness you show to others through your attitude and your giving of quilts and quilting fabric and supplies.

  4. Hi Jo, love the quilt that has been accepted…will look for the issue…I think I would like to make a scrappy version…have you come up with a name yet or are you unable to share just yet?

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