Ask Jo: Version #7 or so.

Every so often I pick questions that come up from readers either through email or through the comment section.  Today is one of those days.

From Anita, “Where do you get your audio books? I’ve been wanting to try some out but didn’t want to invest too much. Thanks for sharing :)”  Anita wrote after I posted about getting a new  SanDisk 4GB Sansa CLIP MP3 player.  You can read that post here.


I get most of my books through my online lending library.  Mine is located here and serves most of NE Iowa.  From there I downloaded a free program called Overdrive.  When I download an audio book from the online library, it goes to my Overdrive program and I listen from there.  Those are all free.  It is a real struggle to get current books from there so I actually keep two accounts one from two different libraries.  One account I put audio books on hold on…the other account I use to download audio books that are available with no wait time.  I also have a Kindle.  I get Kindle books from time to time from there as well.

Occasionally I treat myself to a Audible audio book.  For those, there is a monthly fee.  I will get a best seller that is new off the press at times that aren’t available through my on line library.  Right now I am listening to The Bone Season from there.

I am sure there are more resources out there for books.  If you live in a rural community like I do, your small local library might not be a part of the lending library system.  If that is the case I recommend going to the larger area town and getting a library card from there.  For me, I would be lost without audio books.

From Linda, “Jo–how do I find your Reindeer quilt pattern?????”

Linda is referencing the new Christmas Tree skirt pattern we recently put in our free tutorial section to the right of you screen.


Go to the pattern page by following this link HERE.  Scroll through the post to find where I said the link to the pattern is.  Click the link.  If you have a free adobe reader on your computer, it should open up.  The pattern pieces are at the end of the pattern.   If you don’t have the Adobe reader program, you will need to download it by following this link HERE.  If you are viewing from an ipad or such you’ll need an Adobe Reader app.

From Ruth, “When you say “ratio”, what are the two ingredients in the ratio? Is it the water versus the sugar and oil? Or is it the yeast versus the water, sugar, and oil? Do you always use 3 T. yeast to start with? For instance, for one pizza crust you use 3 T. yeast? I made bread yesterday, 2 T. yeast for six loaves.”

Ruth was observant when checking out my Stromboli recipe.


If I am making a ratio with less than 4 cups of water, I use half of 1 1/2 T yeast.

The rest of the ratio is based on the amount of water.  For every 1 cup of warm water I add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.  You can read more about the ratio recipe here.

There are a couple more questions that readers have asked that I am still working on trying to figure out…I’ll try to get to them next week.

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  1. Audible has something by email called the “Deal of the Day,” which offers books at a very reasonable price. I really like Audible book because they’re professionally nararrated and enjoyable to listen to. The Overdrive ones have “spotty” quality. Some are good and some aren’t. You cannot beat the price, however.

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