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Every so often I pull responses or questions from my email or or the comment section and talk about it here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Here’s a comment from DeeDee after my blog post about the Lone Ranger movie, “Sorry your experience with the movie wasn’t what you were expecting.  When I saw it I wasn’t expecting the old series to be recreated. With all the techno stuff out there I knew it was going to different. I LOVED it! Yes, some things are a bit odd, a bit slow in some spots, but for the most part it was great. I couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD to see it again. Johnny Depp did a great job as Tonto.”

There were comments from other viewers who liked the movie and some from others that didn’t.  I am glad that all the money spent to make it wasn’t a complete waste….and I am happy that some of you didn’t feel it feel it was a waste of time.

After my post about cleaning the shower I got tons of good advice.


Reader suggestions extended from Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads to this comment from VickiT, “Jo ~ I found this website about 10 yrs ago and have used nothing since. I use the one under the bathroom section (Tub & Tile Cleaner recipe) for everything and it is amazing. Stains around my house which I had tried everything on just disappeared without hardly any elbow grease which was good since both my hands and wrists are significantly weaker after 2 surgeries on each hand.

You used pretty much the same thing, except yours did not have the baking soda which is the secret on any hard stained areas in the tub. We have well water so it’s very hard and stains are a part of life with well water. This is amazing stuff and quick to mix up, plus so much better for you to use since you don’t HAVE to wear gloves because it is safe unlike ammonia.”

This is something I am going to check out.  I hate buying extra products just for cleaning and love using products I already have on hand.  In fact, I just bought a new spray bottle for this exact purpose.

From my email box from Diannia from Muscatine I was asked this…when you made the “secret” post saying you had good news that you couldn’t share yet but that it would double your work, I wondered if  you were going to be the grandma of twins.  Today when I saw the pictures of the two cradles in your garage I again had the same thought!”

No…sadly there are no babies in the horizon that I know of.  I keep thinking someday but I don’t think anytime soon.  We do have big news though…Something good for you and something good for us.  Stay tuned, we’ll reveal it as soon as we can!

This one comes from Sandy D, “Hi Jo just wondering when we piece a backing with numerous pieces do we press the seams open?”

I do press my seams open if I am piecing a back together.  Sandy…it’s just a little easier for the machine quilter.

After reading our tutorial on making a “Puff Quilt”


Donna writes, “I made one of these and it was extremely well received as a dog bed! I did put some batting between the front and back so it was a bit thicker than normal. I also used muslin as the “bad” or back fabric which is cheap and easy to work with. I also placed by “puffed” ones alternately as it was my first attempt and I wasn’t sure how it would go through the machine. It went through just fine! Love your quilt.”

I never thought of this for a dog bed but I bet it would work great for that.  Thanks for the suggestion…

After my complaining that my quilting machine was acting up Linda E in Nebraska writes…


It’s just weird how machines will act up for no apparent reason. Sometimes the only thing that works for me is to just walk away for a while…so maybe the problem is me instead of the machine. Usually a new needle (turned just slightly right), a complete top re-threading, cleaning the bobbin area & bobbin case and putting in a new bobbin does the trick. Other times I think the machine is just cranky!! :) It’s good it doesn’t happen too often.”

It is a good thing it doesn’t happen too often.  I need to put a quilt on the frame today and I have my fingers crossed that everything will go well.  This on is for publication and I am always a little nervous about those quilts anyway.

That’s the latest.   If I missed your question or comment and you’d like it answered feel free to email at  I love hearing from you there or in the comment section.


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