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From Clara:
“Thanks for the info about the needles.  Is there any way that you could post a link to the exact applique needles (besides the wool ones) that you bought? Or even post a pic of the needle package? I really need a set of good applique needles, and since your recommendation is that they are excellent, I want to make sure that I buy the ones that you bought.”

I recently did a blog post telling about some applique needles that I bought.  Find that here.  I mentioned that I originally thought a needle was a needle was a needle.  I thought advertising a needle as an “applique” needle might just be a gimmick to get me to buy more needles.  (I’ll admit, I am a skeptical person)  Well on a recent visit to JoAnn’s I caved about bought some “Hand Applique Needles”.  I love them and it is not a gimmick.  They are well worth buying.

These are the needles I got.

Fons & Porter Hand Quilting Needle Sizes 7, 9 & 10 12pcs

I am very happy with them.  I know NOTHING about needles at all so I don’t k now what makes them better.  I sure with someone would leave a comment at tell why they are better for applique.

From Cathy:
“I love your fabric with the sayings. Any chance of information on it so i could search to buy some? Loved your idea for pot holders. It would be good to make mug mats too.”

This is the fabric she was referring to.


I picked it up with the idea that I might fussy cut out the words and use that in making pot holders or pencil case or something else like that.  Here is a picture of the salvage.


It was cut so I took a picture of both the places where I could see writing.


I bought this at Quilter’s Quarter’s in Independence.  I don’t know but I would think she would send you some.  Here is a link to their site that has the contact information.

If you are looking to find a source closer to you, I took a picture of the salvage so you can refer to it.  Here it is…

Not too long ago I mentioned that Ronda sent hats here and that Neighbor Girl wanted a fur pompom on her hat.


I’ve been looking at the thrift store to try to find some fur to attempt making a fur pompom.  I even found a tutorial for making one.  Find it here.  If that’s not your cup of tea, blog reader, Shirley wrote, “I found fur pom poms at Joann’s. They were reasonably priced.”  Yahoo…even easier!

LOTS of people commented about my unfavorable quilt shop review of Quilter’s Quarters in Independence.  (here is a link to the review if you missed it)  Many encouraged me to go back and try again.  I’ve known of this store and have visited several times.  It used to be located in near Lamont and since moved into Independence.  I can honestly say that my experiences have all been similar…this was the worst though.  The shop is only an hour from me but and I could easily go more often.  I don’t as the store doesn’t inspire me.  If we want fabric of a particular kind we go otherwise we shop elsewhere.

Back when Kelli and I were doing the quilts for the book 75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts we needed Kim Diehl fabrics.  We needed them quick as we were racing a deadline.  We checked with every shop in the area.  No one had them.  That’s when I remember this shop.  They had them and we purchased the fabrics there.

11141, Cerda, FA15

If I HAVE to HAVE something, I can put up with lack luster service…otherwise, I don’t really need too.  I’m not boycotting the shop but with other good shops close, I’m not going to make an effort to go here unless I can’t find it anywhere else.

I think that covers the latest round of questions and comments.  I read all the comments here all the time.  I respond to many in the comment section.  If I don’t get to it and it’s something you really need an answer to my can always contact me via email at



6 thoughts on “Ask Jo: This and That”

  1. Betty from Canada

    i have trouble sewing over seams that have four or more that come together eg. sewing 2 flying geese units together.My needle will just stay in place and not move forward at the lump. Hope you understand what I mean and can give me a hint of what to do. Thanks. Give Ruby a hug from Canada.

  2. Hi Jo, It seems you’ve reduced the font size and made it lighter on your blog. Any chance of taking it back? Older eyes are struggling. Thanks for consideration.

  3. Since you told me about Neighbor Girl wanting a fur pompom on her hat, I started noticing all the kids coming out of my grandson’s school wearing hats with fur pompoms on them. I looked for some fur fabric to make them using the tutorial you shared, but no luck. I went to Amazon and found I could order 12 fur pompoms (six different shades varying from white to brown to black), so two of each color for $7 plus $4 something for shipping. It came to $11.46 total. They came from China, but are quite nice and perfect for the hats! I don’t think I could have found fabric and made them myself any cheaper.

  4. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Ellen & Ruth,
    I don’t know what kind of computer you are using, but I can change the font size of what I’m reading on my own computer whenever I want. (I’m using a Mac.)

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