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Everyone once in while blog readers ask question in the comment section or in personal emails.  Sometimes I know that other blog readers might like the answer to the same questions.

A recent question from Mary Lee was:  “I would really appreciate a tutorial on pie crusts! I tried to find it in the archives but could not.”  The question came after I wrote this blog post about making strawberry pie.


Ah…it’s not.  Thanks for pointing that out to me.  I don’t have my pie crust recipe on the blog and I should have it on.  How about the next time I make pie, I take some pictures and do a complete post on that?  I don’t make pie a lot…but hopefully this will get me making it.  Hubby will sure be happy that you asked.

This comment came from Lucy:  “Please show more projects and less fabric. ( on your email newsletters)”.   This one made me laugh.  I sure wish I would write more about projects but in order to that, I’d have to have the projects to write the posts about.  I work full time….I take care of the blog and my website Making Learning Fun.  Besides that I have a busy family…Kelli and I have publication obligations with magazines that can’t always be revealed.  I don’t have any more time in a day to do more projects so I can write about them.

If anyone doesn’t want to read a post about fabric, books, recipes, my family, the dog, childcare, charity quilts or whatever you aren’t interested in, please just pass the post and don’t read it if it is something that you don’t find interesting.  I know this may come as a surprise to some but HONESTLY-I write the blog more for me than for anyone else.  I write it as a journal for myself but I open it all for others to read.  Some days of my life are more exciting….some are BORING.  Some days all I get done is work, supper and laundry. That’s life and the blog is a reflection of my life.  Lucy, I’m sorry I’m not more exciting.

I was asked by blog reader, Linda Yarrow, to pass information on to all of you about the plight of some of the quilters in Houston.  Follow this link to learn more.  Now is a good time to clean out your sewing stash, quilt tops, or unwanted finished quilts and send them their way.  They are in need and as quilters, we help.  Please do read more by following the link.

So many people were interested in knowing more about this quilt.  It’s the one my niece Jody made for a benefit.  A blog reader had donated the kit and Jody put it together for the benefit.


So many wanted to know the pattern.  Another blog reader, Baraba, stepped forward and provided this information.  Here’s what she said, “The name of the quilt is Cottage Cozy. It is in the Very Merry Quilt book by This and That. I think you can still get the booklet.”

That’s today’s installment of “Ask Jo”.  Let me know if you have other questions….

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  1. I use the pie crust recipe on the Crisco site, specifically the one that uses the food processor. My mother-in-law, who was well known for her pies, got me using the butter-flavored Crisco quarters (sticks) as the fat. My crusts tend to be a bit greasy, but I make pies about once a year, so I really don’t have much time to experiment. No leeway in the waistline, either.

  2. I am always amazed at all you accomplish and all the inspiration you provide for your readers. The blog is a perfect way for you to document not just for you, but also for your family and your followers. Thanks oodles boodles and bunches for letting us all tag along.

  3. Thanks for the pie reminder. My dughters mother in law makes amazing apple pies.
    I need to ask her for the recipe :)
    Does anyone use lard in pies

  4. I don’t thrift, I’m retired, I have a big family of my own, don’t think I’ve ever used one of your receipies and I read all of your posts.

  5. Lard makes the flakiest pie crust! Thanks for all you do Jo. I am awe struck (and not in a good way) when people want you (or anyone) to specifically blog about what they want to see. Your blog so you write, or don’t write, about anything you want.

  6. You might check your local library for this book:
    Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie (2004)
    by Ken Haedrich.

    So far, I have mostly read the recipes, but it is a really in-depth book about the topic of pie.

  7. My Grandma and Mama used lard in pie crust. They both made a batch of pie crust mix, which was kept a big jar in the refrigerator.

    6 cups sifted flour
    1 tsp salt
    1-1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 lb lard
    Sift dry ingredients, cut in lard with a pastry blender. Store in refrigerator. For one crust, use 1 cup of mix and 2 tablespoons of water.

  8. I read a lot of quilting blogs. I probably should, but very rarely comment. My 2 favorite blogs to read are yours and Bonnie Hunter’s. Yes, I rate you right up there with Bonnie Hunter! I’m amazed by how much you accomplish. I love hearing about your “kiddos”, quilts you are working on, what your family is doing, neighbor girl and all of your other topics. Just keep doing what you’re doing. 99.99999% of us love your blog!

  9. I like EVERYTHING you write about in the blog; I look forward to receiving it every day; it’s just like a letter from a friend. I love to see all the pictures, including the fabrics!. I only read two blogs, yours and Bonnie Hunters, can’t wait to see them appear in my in-box each day! Both are interesting and varied, along with the quilting content. Thank you!

  10. This is my favorite of many quilt blogs I follow because I enjoy hearing about your life. I find your life interesting and I’m grateful to get glimpses into it. Thank you for taking the time to journal and your willingness to let us all read over your shoulder as you do.

  11. Love your humor. Keep on doing your blog your way- that’s why I like it. I’m also glad you’ll be doing a post about pie crust that includes your recipe. I’ve written in asking for the recipe so I’m happy. Your Texas Tumbleweeds is awesome. Another great quilt.

  12. Mary Lee Fitzsimmons

    Will look for the pie crust tutorial. I learn the most from the successful women in my life. Many thanks for what you do!

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