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Every so often I get questions or comments from readers that I think other might like to know the answers to as well.  I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days….

First up comes a question from Debbie H, “I love, love, love your red counter tops and large eat in kitchen. It is funny but we women always set up and organize the kitchen first. It is truly the heart of the home. I would love to see your adventures from the beginning of purchasing your home but can’t find where it starts. Can you give me an idea where to start?”

Oh Debbie…it has been a saga.  A LONG saga.  We originally first told you all about the house in July of 2013.  We put a bid in on it and signed papers at the end of July.


I try (but am not perfect at it) to label all the blog posts.  The house posts all go under that category “New House”.  You scroll through and see them all here starting with newest first.

At the time, the house looked like this.


Now it looks more like this.  I don’t have a more recent photo.


If you go through the archives, you’ll see we had lots of struggles and challenges…and some wonderful luck too.  It you want to read it’s entire transformation, you can find that here.

From the email files Donna writes, “What is a thrift store?”  She asked that question after reading this blog post.

A thrift store is more or less like Goodwill.  Items are donated or consigned to the store and the store sells the items.  It our area we are so blessed and have LOTS of them.  It’s one of my favorite features of living in NE Iowa.  I never-ever go to town without stopping at one.  I simply love it.

I hate shopping at regular stores.  It’s boring.  Every Wal-mart is more or less the same.  What’s the appeal of stopping?  Every JcPenny’s is the same…no appeal for me.  Every single time I go to a thrift store, it’s different.

One day last week I went in the early morning and stopped at the thrift store.  I did my Wal-Mart errands and then realized there was something I forgot to buy that I had intended on getting.  I went back to the store…it was gone…but the store had LOTS of new merchandise out.  Best yet, if you go on the “right” day I can get the same “high” I am sure people get from winning the lottery.  Honest, I’m an addict.

Best yet, it our area, many of these stores were formed to help those is differing abilities or the profits go back to help community projects.   It truly is a win-win!  I love that I live in an area like mine.

Even when we travel we thrift our way to the location…thrifting is a way of life for us.  My mom and Hubby’s mom both loved a good thrifting adventure.  For the most part, auctions and thrift have built our house.  I am so thankful that.

That’s it for today….I’ll answer more questions in another edition.

2 thoughts on “Ask Jo: This and That”

  1. Thank you Jo for answering my question. I can’t believe the transformation of the outside! Just got another cup of coffee and heading to the beginning to see it all come together.

  2. I’m totally with you about the thrift store high. We’ve been going twice a week lately, stopping on the way to other errands. I’m not buying, but Alex needs a piece for a costume. Yesterday, she found the most gorgeous long leather coat with so many cute details. It was just perfect and had a price tag that was the half-off color of the day. Sadly, it was a half size too small for her. :-(

    I took the boys out to the car and left he to pay for her treasures. She came out with a different leather coat in the same odd shade of butterscotch, this one waist length with a little leather ruffle around the collar.

    This is the same kid who announced on a thrift store trip that she needed pink roller skates and proceeded to find a pair at the next store, in her size, for three bucks.

    If we won the lottery, we’d probably spend it at the thrift store. Or maybe upgrade our style to real antique stores. :-)

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