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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days…

Ray, our volunteer longarmer, shared some of his finished quilts.  Apparently, Frances was particularly liking the bird quilt.  Frances asked:  “Where can I get a pattern for the bird??

The Cresco ladies put this top together so I’m hoping they might know or another blog reader might know.  Can you help Frances find the pattern?

Jazz, one of our project finishers, is in the market for…
a used sewing machine.  She is hoping some of you might be able to help with some info on what to look for.

Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12 Sewing Machine No Cords -
Jazz writes:  “I’m going to need to replace my old Kenmore sewing machine. It’s been a workhorse, but I’m having some tension problems (do you service your own or do you send it out? It costs $100 here and sometimes I feel like the guy didn’t even try!) and it only stitches back-and-forth. I’d like to try some decorative stitches.

Do you have any suggestions regarding dependable brands I should look for in a used, budget sewing machine?

I really lucked out, years ago, when I bought this Kenmore at a thrift store! I knew nothing about them and would’ve paid more for a lesser quality machine if that was what was offered. Now I’m a little better educated, but not much. Can you offer any advice?

Jazz lives in the Houston, Texas area.  Does anyone have a machine they no longer want?  Do you have any advice on getting a used machine.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact her at this email address

I shared this recipe on the blog recently.

It was called Great Pumpkin Dessert.  Many of you have made this and enjoy it as well.  You can find the full recipe HERE.

Susan asked, “Jo, is this recipe by chance, from Taste of Home or another Reiman publications? The print looks like that of their magazines.

Yes, it is.  I found it in this, “Taste of Home’s 2000 Quick Cooking Annual Recipes”.

This book is a longtime family favorite.  Many of my diehard family favorite recipes are in this book.  Inside the front cover, I’ve written our favorites along with the page number the recipe can be found on.  You can see the Pumpkin Dessert is on page 74.

I have books from other years but this one is my absolute favorite.

I checked on Amazon and amazingly, you can still get the book.  They are the used copies but you can get one for under $6 shipping included.  HERE is a link.

If you want to make Craig happy, make the Brownie Fruit Pizza on page 76.  You’ll be his best friend if you do!!

Besides what I listed on the inside cover, are lots of other recipes we’ve tried and were good…other recipes that we haven’t tried.  The ones listed here are regular recipes I make and are big-time family favorites.

After seeing my Churn Dash in Plaids quilt, Penny went on to read my post about cutting up shirts and asked, “Are the shirts cotton Flannel or just cotton shirts?”

Find the free tutorial for the quilt pattern HERE.  Find the post where I talked about cutting up shirts HERE.

I used cotton shirts.  A few are brushed cotton.  I don’t use flannel.  I don’t like mixing fabrics of differing weights.  I like to pick fabrics that will wear similarly.  I think we’ve all seen old vintage quilts where you can see that one fabric is worn and didn’t have the integrity of the other fabrics in the quilt.  Because of that, I only used regular cotton and brushed cotton in the quilts I make from shirts.

Fauntie writes:  “Jo, I wonder if you could tell me about the quilt in your header that has stars made with navy blue and white and the rest of the quilt looks like scraps? Did you have a pattern for it? I think that I saw it in a magazine? If so, can you tell me when that was published and if you are going to get the rights to it back soon. I have a wedding quilt to make and I think that would be perfect.  Thanks so much.

This is our On the Bright Side quilt…..More about this quilt here…and suggestions on how to make it smaller here.


All People Quilt- which is where American Patchwork and Quilting have their website, is where you can find back issues of their issues.  Here is the link.

About the same quilt Vivianne wrote:  “I love your quilt “On the Bright Side”
I would love to know if either a kit is available or what fabrics were used in the quilt.”

There are no kits.  I believe we mixed two fabric lines to make this.  Pedal Pushers by Moda was one line.  The navy in the upper left corner was the fabric for the stars.

Pin on moda sightings
I’m really sorry, I can’t recall the other fabric line we used that we mixed with it.  I checked with Kelli and she doesn’t remember either.  I think this would give you a good guide for a color palette though.

Having this question come in reminds me that I should probably follow through and get some type of planner recorder.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could simply flip to the quilt and know??

I think that wraps it up for the recent questions that have come my way.  If I missed your question, please ask again.  Simply leave a comment in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Ask Jo: This and That”

  1. The pattern is either on pintrest or etsy. It was a different color – either brown or blue. I just increased the size to make one quilt sized bird. Jo – I think I sent you what the pattern looks like. It is just blocks and 1’2 square triangles except for the beak.

  2. Thanks for all the info! I have a suggestion regarding your youtube channel. I came to the blog first and looked for a tab in your header and was surprised you didn’t have one. Perhaps when Kayla has time she can add one. I hadn’t remembered your channel name but since I knew you had one, and I had a good idea what it would be, I found it. I really enjoyed watching your sewing along videos as I was ironing and cutting out my fabrics for Bonnie’s mystery.

  3. Jo, thanks for answering my question about your recipe. I used to have that cookbook but one day I cleaned out my cookbooks and sadly gave that one away. I do that type of cleaning every so often and this is one of the times I regret it. Those cookbooks are so nice, much better than keeping a years worth of their cooking magazines. I’ll take your suggestion and look for it on Amazon.

  4. I have the same Kenmore machine and used it for years, I still have it. When I upgraded a few years ago I chose a Janome 6500. Wonderful machine very similar to Kenmore. Now I am looking to upgrade again, and will choose another Janome.

  5. This is for Jazz: love your name! Have a look at the Juki line of machines. They are Japanese, initially only used as industrial machines but in the past few years have started making domestics. The TL series may have just what you are looking for, or the HZL series. I have 2 (one is my main machine, the other is lighter for travel) and I LOVE them.

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