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Today I’m answering questions from blog reader…

Carla asked:
“Would you happen to know the manufacturer of the dog fabric you used for the pillow case? It would be perfect for a quilt for my new great niece. I checked the Quilted Twins website but couldn’t find it. I thought if I could get the manufacturer’s name and could track it down. Thanks!”

Carla is referring to the dog fabric on the lower left.  I used it to make pillowcases for my older childcare girls.  I loved it as wasn’t so “baby”  looking.  The girls who I gifted quilts to last year are getting pillowcases from this print.

I have 1st and 2nd grade girls here who loved the fabric.  If you have a kiddo that age, she’ll likely like it too.

I liked it enough that I bought more of it from Quilted Twins.  I thought I’d like to have some for next years round of pillowcases.

My scrap piece didn’t have anything on the selvage so I checked the new piece…it says:

Urban Zoologie Minis designs # 15737 Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman

I had a lot of emails telling me that I didn’t include a link to the youtube video that I used for making pillowcases.

I actually did put the link in the blog post.  The problem is that everyone who sent me an email telling me that I didn’t include the link all read the blog through emails…they don’t go to the actual blog site. Whatever program that you are using to read the blog posts, strips the posts and doesn’t include Youtube links.  I am putting the link here again.   I am also putting… a link you have to click HERE.

I will make an effort to embed videos into the post and I will try to remember to include a link, but should I forget, please go my actual blog at and find the link in the blog post.  You have no idea how many emails I got about this and how many I had to answer.  I don’t mind, but next time just know you can help yourself by going to the blog and finding it.

The question came from Ginger:
I love the “wonkie” lettering you used for the kids’ names. Could you explain how to do it or where to find information on making them?“.

Ginger was referencing this quilt I made for my neighbor baby.  I have gotten so that many of the baby quilts I made have these letters.

I also have made letters on my grandchildren’s quilts.  Here is Georgia’s.  Read all about it HERE.

If you are interested in learning how to make these letters, I have good news.  I’ve had several requests and will be showing you step by step what I do to make the letters as I make the next grandchild baby quilt.  I’ll start that after Christmas or just after the new year.  I love making the letters.  I’m no pro at it but you can see what I do.  I’ll make sure to put a tab at the top of the blog and you’ll be able to go back and reference the posts.

I’m getting excited about working on another baby quilt.  I really do enjoy free improv piecing.

I told you that I’m getting ready to tackle some quilts made from shirts.  Nancy ended up asking this question:
What suggestions do you have for cutting the shirts into the best usable pieces? Have you done a tutorial? I am rather new at checking out your blog.”

I have done a tutorial on that….I guess I don’t know if tutorial is the right word.  “I’ve written a blog post about that” might be a better way to put it.  HERE is that post.

That wraps up this edition of “Ask Jo”.  If I didn’t get to your question, please drop me a note at

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      1. Isn’t it interesting how different we all can be. Some want videos, some want diagrams, and others want written text.

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