Ask Jo: The Hand Print Quilt, Quilt Shops and More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Ask Jo”.  I get many comments and questions from all sorts of places, the comment section here, Youtube, email, and from our Facebook group.  Sometimes I think others of you might want to know the answers as well so I answer them here on the blog.   Today I’m tackling some quilts questions and a few other things too.

Elaine asked:
“LOVE THIS!!!! So, what size were your blocks, what kind of paint was used, brand used etc. Would LOVE to make this as I am expecting my 8th grandchild in Nov.”

Elaine was talking about this quilt.  It’s the one my childcare families made for me using the kids’ handprints.  You can read more about it HERE.

I added a few of the blocks in this post too.

This is what a gleaned from the childcare parents that made it.  They used fabric paint.  No one could remember a specific brand.  There are many available HERE on Amazon.

The blocks are 12″ finished with 2″ finished sashing.  The kids’ names are done using a Cricut machine.

I’ve been brave and have been letting the kids use it.  I’ve washed it once with no problems.  I hope it stays that way!  The kids love it and often find their own handprint.

Next up is a Public Service Announcement that comes from Lynne.  Her email got buried in the stacks and I recently refound it.  She writes:

I’m Lynne Nicholson and after receiving a message from someone asking if there was a quilting/ sewing group for people with sight loss and on checking to find there wasn’t I’ve started my own group

If at all possible would you allow me to share my group. I have been following you and a few other designers for several years (actually from before I lost most of my sight). Obviously, the person who messaged me had got in touch because I’d answered a query on one of the pages or groups either by someone experiencing sight problems or someone asking about AccuQuilt, (or someone lamenting their skills or lack thereof) and mentioned how I have overcome the hurdles of cutting and sewing accurately while registered blind.”

I am always happy to help where I can.  One of my biggest fears is losing my sight.  I’m happy to know that should that ever happen, there is an established group that can help.  Thank you for working to make that happen Lynne.

Karen, Cindy, and several others wrote notes like these…
“I’m broken-hearted! I can no longer find you on Bloglovin”. Are you sick, or have you withdrawn from them? I very much miss your twice-daily posts! Please let us know why we can no longer get your posts.”

Here’s what I can tell you…
We had to do an upgrade.  You all have been coming and coming back to the blog.  It’s grown and we have outgrown the blog server.  Kayla moved the blog to a new server. In the move, Bloglovin lost me. Kayla is aware. She has a service order into my server and is checking into it. You can always find me right here at

Please always keep in mind…I am always here.  ALWAYS.  Programs have glitches when they upgrade.

Think about your computer or smartphone.  An upgrade will come through and the colors of an icon might change…the place where the icon was might change…a program might get lost and you need to reinstall it.  This is all just like that.

It’s a symptom of the upgrade.  It will all be working as it was soon.  As I said earlier, you can always find me by going directly to

I had an email from a blog reader, Leslee.  She writes:
Question for Jo and those in the know:

 Is there a database where quilt shops for sale would be posted? My local quilt shop is for sale. Here’s what I think would be important to share. Thoughts and advice. Or better yet … know of anyone interested?

Is someone looking for a new career and want to move to a beautiful area surrounded by cherry orchards, vineyards and water in the mitten state?  “Cherry Country Quilters” a quilt shop in Suttons Bay, MI is for sale. Due to the unexpected passing of the owner and founder, Linda Mead her family has decided to sell the business. CCQ as the locals like to call it, is your go-to quilt shop in Leelanau County in the heart of Suttons Bay. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help loyal customers and tourists alike. Curious? Check out CCQs website? Cherry Country Quilters | Suttons Bay, MI | Quilt Shop

Suttons Bay is a lovely little community north of Traverse City, MI with cherry and apple orchards and vineyards!

The Suttons Bay Area Chamber of Commerce describes the area beautifully. This is quoted from the chambers website.  “Suttons Bay is the gateway to Leelanau County and lies midway up the eastern shore of Leelanau Peninsula. This year ‘round coastal village has a quality all its own…specialty shops, galleries, unique dining experiences, B&Bs and historic inns make this place a truly walkable village. Marina Park is an ideal spot for a family day at the beach. The Schoolship schooner, Inland Seas, is docked on the south side of the marina. With hiking trails at Bahle Park and the TART trail on the edge of town, you can bike, hike or run to your heart’s content. Surrounded by rolling vineyards you will find yourself in the heart of Michigan wine country.

So pick your adventure – golf, shop, a day at the beach, savor the local fare and award-winning wines. Take your time – catch your breath – relax.” Suttons Bay Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center – Suttons Bay Chamber of Commerce (

Suttons Bay picture collage July 2021:

If anyone would like more information about the business contact Linda’s daughter Vicki at the email:

I’m sorry.  I’m not looking to run a quilt shop.  It sure looks like a lovely area to live…or to visit.  Maybe one of you blog readers knows of some type of database that has a place to list quilt shops for sale.  Maybe one of you are interested in running a quilt shop…who knows.

I know it’s sad for many when their beloved local quilt shops close.  It’s sad as many relationships end because there aren’t classes to go to together.  There aren’t times to meet and then go for lunch.  There aren’t those times you can chat with the staff or owner and get the welcomed advice.

I hope for the sake of Leslee and the community, someone buys the shop.

That’s all I have for you in this round of “Ask Jo”.  Feel free to leave a question in the comments anytime.  I’ll try to get to it.


4 thoughts on “Ask Jo: The Hand Print Quilt, Quilt Shops and More”

  1. Always enjoy the blogs in which you answer questions. I hope somebody will buy the quilt shop. It is too far for me, but it is a beautiful part of the “mitten state.” It would be sad to see the shop close.

  2. Jill Schaumloeffel

    Google “The Blind Quilter” Indiana. She is Elizabeth Burns and is a motivational speaker. She might have good ideas on how to keep quilting without sight.

  3. I live in the Texas Hill Country but have been to that shop in Sutton’s Bay. We grew up in Michigan and go back for vacations. I’m so sad to hear about the owner!! It’s a great area and a cute shop!

  4. Traverse Bay Michigan is beautiful. I love the state of MI, but this area is extra gorgeous. There are a lot of vacationers in the area. I wish them well.

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