Ask Jo: The Country Threads Edition and more

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Ask Jo”.  I get many comments and questions from all sorts of places, the comment section here, Youtube, email, and from our Facebook group.  Sometimes I think others of you might want to know the answers as well so I answer them here on the blog.

In today’s feature, I am answering only one question.   I figured it might be enough for one blog post.  The question comes from Stacie.

Stacie writes:
Hi, Jo, long time blog reader/follower here. Can I have the pattern name of the quilt hanging in your quilting studio? I have attached a picture. I am obsessed with it and must make it ASAP! It’s just beautiful!  Thank you so much.”

Stacey sent along this picture with her note.

I thought I would answer Stacie’s question and give you a little tour of the quilts hanging in my sewing room.

The quilt that Stacie was referencing is Civil Unrest.  It is a Country Threads pattern and LUCKY YOU!  They have this pattern in their shop and you can purchase it as a digital download.  HERE is the link.

Here is a better picture of mine.

If you want to know what’s on my bucket list of quilts???  It’s to make this again only big enough for my queen-sized bed!!  Once my UFOs are caught up, I just might do it.  Would anyone want to do that as a quilt along??

I’d like to make mine more like their colorway.

I also have… Troops in Formation.  HERE is the LINK to that pattern.  I made this quilt entirely with bonus triangles that I had here.  I trimmed them to size and was sewing this up in no time.

This is the original.

This next quilt is another I don’t know the name of.  It can be found in the book Civil War Remembered.  HERE is a link for the book.

This is their version.

Martingale - Civil War Remembered (Print version + eBook bundle)

I don’t know the name of this one.  It’s one of my favorites.  I don’t think they have the pattern available for this one at this time. It can be found in the same book as the above book… Civil War Remembered.  HERE is a link for the book.

Here is their version.

When I made most of these I was in a club Country Threads had.  We would get a “starter pack” along with a black and white image and instructions to make the quilt.  It was kind of fun as we had to think and figure out how to make it without a colored picture.  I enjoyed it and made most of the quilts during that time.

I also have these that were a Country Threads pattern.  This is done via fusible applique.  It was so fun to make.  I made them for all of the seasons.  Each had the cute lady working outside.  This is obviously the winter version.  I don’t think the pattern is available anymore.  It came in a booklet.

I have some quilts from other designers in the sewing room too.  This is Hot Cross Buns from Miss Rosies quilt company.  You can find the pattern for this in THIS BOOK.  The book is out of print but a digital version is available.

I hosted a sew-along on the blog several years ago.  Each month we would make a small mini quilt designed by Lori Smith of From My Heart to Your Hand fame.  You can find the link to the patterns HERE.

The was also part of that sew along…

I don’t know the name of this or it is available but it is also a Lori Smith of From My Heart to Your Hand design.  Wait.  I found the pattern HERE.  The pattern has nine quilts in it.  All are small seasonal quilts…so cute.

Those are the small quilts I have done in my sewing room.  I’d really like to jump and make some smaller decorating type quilts like these all are.  I really have very few quilts adorning my walls.  I think once I get caught up on my UFOs I might make a few.  I had so much fun making them.

20 thoughts on “Ask Jo: The Country Threads Edition and more”

  1. A quilt a long sounds like fun I have never actually completed one during the anticipated time this might be the one. I have several ufo’s so a late summer/fall timeframe would be great.

    1. Loved seeing your quilts and the inspiration behind their creation! I enjoy seeing quilts made from the same quilt block or pattern in different color ways. How creative quilters can be in their quilts.

  2. I made Civil Unrest a few years ago in acid greens and reproduction reds/burgundies and golds. It’s one of my all-time favorites and is hanging in my living room for the winter. I hope you’re going to scale up the block size for your bed quilt – I have to admit those 1X2 inch flying geese took perseverance! Your Country Threads quilts look great!

  3. Oh a sew along sounds fun. I don’t know where you get the energy to sew so much and do such beautiful quilts. Enjoy looking at them.

  4. I am envisioning this in Black/white/red/grey for our Queen size bed. YES! I would do a quilt-a-long!

    Great tour of your studio quilts :-)

  5. Jo-OMG now I want to make all of these…….I have the Country threads patterns and the book. I’ve had the Lori Smith seasonal patterns in my to do someday pile forever!!! I went to a trunk show of Lori’s years ago at a quilt shop in Omaha. Such neat stuff.

  6. I think a quilt along would be fun. I have done block of the month and I assume this would be similar. It would certainly be something to look forward to. These quilts are all beautiful!

  7. Quilt a long (tugging ar your sleeve) yes as soon as possible. Also we are having fun with Mary on the Bulls Eye Quilt a long. I found the out of print on the secondary market.

  8. While I was reading the beginning of the post, I was thinking I would make the Civil Unrest quilt as queen size. Then I saw the possibility of a sew along, I would so enjoy it is that becomes a possibility.

  9. What lovely quilts and I always loved a trip to there shop when I was in Iowa. I felt really lucky to go when they were closing there doors and I bought so many of there patterns. The first one with the large star in the middle is called Presidents Pride, # 652 and the second one with the stars in the middle of the blocks is called Opposition, #653. Maybe Mary could put them out again as free standing patterns for us all. I also own Troops in formation and I would love doing a sew along with everyone. Your sewing space is really user friendly since you updated that wonderful space, I’m in love with your large cutting space.

  10. Love the quilts. I’m so impressed with all that you accomplish from designing to making, from blogging to childcare and more. Don’t know how you do it all and so well. Love your blog.

  11. JO, I have been flowering you for some time, always enjoyed your strength after the loss of your husband, and keeping up with your Thyroid Cancer …

    You make such nice quilts, and have always enjoyed seeing you make them….You do make them look so simple ! :)

    My question, is I am looking for a good, heavy duty, and HOT Iron…Wondered if you can give a testimony on the kind you use, such as,, do you like it ? does it get hot enough? and given a choice, would you buy another one just like it, if something happened to it? Do you use the Steam ??

    Thank you, and will look forward to your answer…

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