Ask Jo: That Quilting Motif

I always, always, always get questions from blog readers about the quilting motif I use on everything.  I love it.  Once you  get the hang of it doing it is no problem at all.

I’ve done it on so many quilt….Blue Skies….


I think that picture shows it off the best..but you can see it on the next quilt too.


I used it on Winston Ways….


Well here is the video that I watched and learned how from…..

I spent lots of drawing it out on a white board before I attempted to do it on a quilt.  I TOTALLY promote practicing on a white board.

Here’s a few more quilts I used the motif on…. Maybe it’s time I try another…


I feel like it is every a wrong choice.  There might be better choices but it is never a WRONG choice.


I use it on most every charity quilt.  One of the reasons I started using it on them is that I feel it’s more decorative than meandering or stippling.  It’s a very dense motif so if the quilt is used a lot, it will stand up to many washing.


Also when I did charity quilts I found that I was often wasting time trying to figure out the “perfect” motif.  Well once I started making this my standard, I completed a lot more quilt as I eliminated the decision process.


See, it’s never bad.


This is one of the very first times I used it….


I even did it in brown thread.  I couldn’t have been happier when I was finished with it.

There are SO-SO many machine quilting videos on youtube.

I am adding a couple more videos that I found when I was on youtube looking for a link to the motif above.


and another one…

Have fun watching and learning…and don’t forget to grab a white board and pen to practice as you watch!!

7 thoughts on “Ask Jo: That Quilting Motif”

  1. Jo your FMQ is beautiful! I don’t do much meandering either because there are other options that are just as simple and cost effective. Your “pattern” seems to be a swirl and then you echo around that. Great idea! In your spare time you will have to learn a new one, have fun!

  2. I remembered that you’ve shared that a few years ago. I love those videos. I used the design but have gotten away from it. I don’t know why! I’m going to practice again on it and try to start using it again. I’m also a big fan of using the white board! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really like your design on the quilts and I may have to try it on a scrap piece of fabric and backing on my standard machine. If it works, why change it, it looks great on all those quilts. Thanks for sharing the videos.

  4. I don”t have a white board, but I practice with a marker on newspaper several times before actually beginning to quilt the motif.

  5. I just love your swirly quilting design so much! I, too, have a go to design because it’s easy and quick to finish. Thanks for the message that using the same quilt design is okay. The one I use is more more straight jagged lines. I want to challenge myself to try your design on a charity baby quilt. A smaller quilt should be easier for me to try on my domestic machine. Thanks for your inspiration.

  6. Catholic Bibliophagist

    You’ve recommended Jamie’s Basic Swirl before, and I’m so glad you did. I used it in a quilt I recently made for a friend and everyone was so impressed with the quilting! And I still consider myself a beginner. Your blog also steered me to the Pajama Quilter DVDs which were also very helpful. So I consider you one of my key influences in learning to quilt. Thank you, Jo!

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