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Every so often a blog reader asks a question and I think others would like the answer to the question too-then I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

This question comes from Diane:
Saw your quilt in American Patchwork Quilting, Something borrowed,something blue in that you had our templates made of acrylic 1/8” thick.  I’ve been looking for someone to make templates for me, but not getting to the right people.  I’ve saved a pattern for about 25 yrs of a quilt I want to make, but there are so many small pieces, I want acrylic templates.

Could you steer me to what companies can do this or where to search for someone.  I hope you can help me with this.  What types of companies will do this for an individual?

I have answered this before on the blog but I’m doing it again today as I’m adding the contact to the place that does it for me and it’s become more relevant with the start of the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along…  Decorah Mobile Glass in Decorah Iowa You can click to follow the link.

I first learned that they do this from my friend Carla.  She was working with her kids on a 4-H project and she suggested they would cut the templates.

I have gone on to get lots of templates cut from them….this is one of the latest I’m hoping to someday tackle.

I also got the kite template cut for Bonnie Hunter’s Spider Web String quilt….see?


The templates make it so much easier.

When going in I make sure to have the pieces completely cut out.  I make sure that if needed the 1/4″ seam allowance is added on.  I also make sure to tell them to cut it from 1/8″ plexi glass.  Once I had them cut from 1/4″ by accident.  That didn’t work the best.

Sometimes they can cut them immediately but more often I need to pick them up the next day.

I have no idea but I’m betting that they will allow you to mail your pieces to them and then they could mail the cut templates back to you.  It’s worth a try to ask.

Some blog readers have also said that they have a handy husband with a band saw and that their husbands have cut templates for them.  Mine doesn’t have a band saw but you can bet that if he ever gets one, he’ll be cutting for me!!

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  1. She shouldn’t have to send away for them, most businesses that cut glass will cut plexiglass. There probably is a place in her town.

  2. Laurie Tufford

    Another source for templates is Country Plastics located in Ames, Iowa. A great company to work with and they produce a quality product.

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