Ask Jo: Television Antenna and Pineapple Crazy Papers

Every so often I get questions from readers that I think other readers might want the answers to as well so I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After I told you about my purchase of a new amplifier for antenna, I got a question from Cindy F saying, “I’m interested in how you have everything hooked up. We cut out our satellite tv months ago and were using rabbit ears as an antennae for awhile until hubby bought another kind of antennae which works well for one tv but not the rest. We’re lucky in that we get a lot of stations over the air but still don’t watch as much TV as we used to and spend more time watching Netflix.”

We have this antenna on top of our house on the outside, Antenna’s Direct C4-CJM 20-Inch ClearStream 4 Extreme Range UHF Outdoor Antenna Mount.

We had a similar one on the house at the farm only it had a smaller range.  When the electricians were wiring the house we had them put cable from the master junction to the places in the house we desired to have televisions..the living room, garage, kitchen, our bedroom and quilting room.  As the cord comes down from the antenna it hooks into the amplifier.  Then the amplifier hooks into the manifold.  The manifold has cords coming out of it that go to the rooms where we have televisions.  That’s what this “mess” of cords was…


At the farm house we had something similar only Hubby had to be a little more creative with getting the wires to each of the rooms we wanted reception in.  Wires were snaked and it wasn’t nearly as pretty as it is here at the house.

With this, in our rural area, we get 26 channels for free on all of the televisions.  Some are PBS channels that repeat-some are two different version of NBC but we are very happy with the selection and choices we get.

We aren’t big television watches so this is way more than enough to keep us content.  We love old shows like The Andy Griffith Show, MASH, Gilligan’s Island, etc.   I just love old comedy.  It’s not filled with sex and blood and poor language.  The old shows have awesome physical comedy and I love that.

This is plenty to make us happy…Not having a continue cable bill is something else that makes me really happy.  As is I think we have invested just over $200 in this system and this should last us a long time.

In a totally unrelated question Loretta asked, “How did you print you papers for pineapple crazy?”  Loretta was on of the retreaters this summer and I had given her a few papers to try…she must be ready to really take the plunge into Pineapple Craziness!

In the past I answered that very question in this blog post.  Check it out to learn how I print papers.  I’m still SLOWLY working on mine.  I don’t devote hours to it like I was but every day a few more pieces are added.  I’ll get it finished someday…

If you are thinking about jumping in to make this amazing quilt here is another link to other questions I have answered that blog readers have asked.  I love making them..they are addicting!

That’s it for this version of ask Jo.  If you want to ask a question, leave it in the comments or send me an email at

2 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Television Antenna and Pineapple Crazy Papers”

  1. Thanks for the response! I’ll be showing this to hubby as it looks like it will solve our reception and multiple television issues. :)

  2. Thanks, Jo, for the links back to the paper, etc. for the Pineapple Crazy blocks. This time I’ve printed the links out. I simply love this block, but haven’t tried it yet because I haven’t been able to find the paper in our local $ stores. I’ll look again now that I have a picture of exactly what the package looks like.

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