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I’ve been getting some questions about the quilting T-shirts that I am selling on the blog.  If you missed the post, shirts can be ordered by following this LINK.

First off…thanks for all the orders that I got in.  Between the retreat and orders, I’m already sold out of lots of sizes and will be ordering more.  So far it’s a close tie as to what is most popular.

Here are the top three shirts….

For the record.  My family thought the “Less Bitchin’ and More Stitchin” shirt would not be well received by bog readers…I said nope and ordered them anyway.  Good thing I did because I actually think that one has sold the most.

This is box #1 that went out today.  Kalissa was kind enough to take the boxes to the post office.  So far, this has been easier than I anticipated!!

Now for the questions:
Can I place an order for a 3XL? 

I don’t do Paypal and don’t want to.  Is there another way to order?
YES.  Just send me a message at and I’ll message you with information.  It will be easy.  Promise.

Can I get a logo on a different colored shirt? 
For now, no.  This is enough for me to try to manage.

How long will it take to get my shirt?  I’m ordering for a birthday? 
I’ll process your order as soon as possible.  I put in another order for more shirts already. Email me with specifics.

I have my own idea for a saying?  Will you print it? 
Email me and we’ll chat.  I’m not printing them myself.  I’m working with a company.

I am thinking of handling these in my shop.  Do you wholesale?
Email me and we’ll chat.

How do I check out?
To order a shirt…click on it.  To check out, click the “cart”.  That is located under the spot where it says “Jo’s Country Junction”.  If that doesn’t work, email me.

The main answer to all the questions is email me and I’ll chat with you.  Here’s my email….

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