Ask Jo: Shoulder and Ruby

Now about my shoulder.  Several people have asked how it’s been after my cortisone shot.

For those of you who regularly read the blog you know that I’ve been battling my shoulder since March-ish of this year.  After going through physical therapy and an MRI and numerous doctor appointments they finally decided to do a ultrasound guided cortisone shot.  I got that shot back on November 8th.  I was told that for some it works permanently..others for awhile…others not at all.  I was hesitant to be optimist –  hesitant to be pessimistic.  I feel like enough time has passed that now that I can give the procedure and fair evaluation.

I was not one of those people who walked out of the office a changed person with no more pain.  I have had improvement.  I can use the manual shift of the truck one handed.  I can buckle my seat belt now with my right arm.  I don’t have the constant nagging discomfort.  I still can’t do my bra strap.  I still get what I can “zingers”.  I reach and twist and get stabbed with a pain in my shoulder.  This is all manageable.  I can live with this.  Sleeping is still an issue though.  My upper arm/shoulder “tingles” in the night waking me and leaving me unable to sleep.  I’ve kept up with my overnight pain medication (it’s not a narcotic)  with the hope of sleeping regularly.  Sometimes it works…other times it doesn’t.  I had hoped I could wean myself off it, but alas.  I have a doctor appointment at the end of December and will see where I am at then and discuss it with her.  It’s not perfect but day to day it’s much better.  The sleeping part is an issue that I had wished would go away and I’m still hopeful that it might.

As of now…I’m willing to work with this and not have surgery.  I have no idea how long that idea is what I’ll stick with.  As long as I’m this good, I can live with it.  If I had a job that offered PTO, vacation time or medical leave, I’d think harder about surgery but I don’t so I’ll continue to appreciative for the improvements that have come my way.

I wrote all of that earlier this week…like Monday-ish.  I thought Thanksgiving would be busy and I wouldn’t have time to write a blog post so was writing ahead.  What I wrote above was my progress as of Monday.  Now as of today, my shoulder is even better.  Carver was here for thanksgiving and I was flinging him around…no pain at all.  I took the garbage out and flung the bag into the garbage can.  No pain.  The last two nights I have gone to bed and not woke in pain.  This is what I was hoping for.  I am so excited.  I am surprised it took this long to really kick in full force.  I wish it would have taken sooner but am so thankful that it took now.

About Ruby…not so good.

I am working to try to get her into a vet this morning.  She took a turn for the worse on Wednesday afternoon.  She had been so good and now.  Not.  She stays in her kennel.  She is not social.  She keeps her tail between her legs.  Once again, her zip is zapped.  I think she is constipated so gave her pumpkin as that’s what I read to do online.  Being she couldn’t be seen on Thanksgiving, it was the best I could do.

I’ll give you all an update when I know more.  I feel so bad for her.

Sorry it’s a not picture post.

We did have a great day yesterday minus Ruby.  I have a surprise I can’t wait to share.  Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Shoulder and Ruby”

  1. I had two frozen shoulders back to back…one cleared up then the other one flared up. Awful! I am good now, but my range of motion is not what it used to be. My chiro has me using a lot of natural inflammatory products and I cannot sew for hours and hours.

  2. What wonderful news on your shoulder, Hooray! now I hope by gets seen today and you have an better answer for what is ailing her.

  3. poor Ruby, YEAH JO! I have hypoThyroidism and also have a lot of difficulty w my left shoulder, and Carpal tunnel…..
    ya know it’s all service work, parts and labor! Parts and labor at our age…..sigh.

  4. Glad you have finally gotten some relief. I have an ongoing issue that I receive injections every 3 months. The comfort level improved after I was on a regular schedule. Mine is a non-steroidal but maybe along the same concept, here’s hoping the same result for you.
    Very hopeful for poor Ruby, sigh.

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