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When I wrote my Thankful Thursday blog post, I added some random pictures of my daughter Kelli. She’s who the post was about. Anyway, I included this picture.

The picture is of Kelli and me. She’s in the foreground…I’m in the background. She is helping me trim up a quilt top.

I have had several people write or comment asking what the name of the quilt is.

I know this sounds crazy but I don’t know…and I designed and made it! How embarrassing.

The background story on the quilt goes something like this. I love making wonky star blocks. I’ve made several quilts with them. I had an idea to make a split star wonky star block. I did and loved it. I ended up coming up with this design. I made the quilt and then it sat.

I was intimidated to longarm it. Seeing all the white areas on the quilt made me think I needed to do something fancy. So…the quilt sat…and sat and sat. Then I had the idea to submit it to a magazine. If they took the quilt, I would figure out the longarming.

They did accept it for publishing…but I can’t remember which magazine published it. I sent it to Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and she did the longarming.

I really don’t know…I looked on the blog and used the search bar there and I finally came up with the name and who published it.

Hold the presses. It’s called Rustic Charm.

If you are hunting through your stack of magazines look for the August 2019 issue.  The cover looks like this…

You can see some different colorways done by blog readers in THIS BLOG POST.

Again…we don’t name the quilts when they are published and we do not write the directions. The magazine company does. That’s the main reason I never know the names.

So tragedy averted. I figured it out…after I told someone it was All are Welcome. But that was this quilt.

I’ve said it before and will say it again. I need a secretary.

9 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Rustic Charm”

  1. Hi Jo! Hope you’re doing well, with what you’re facing. I am in admiration of your always positive thoughts and humour!
    I have a question, when you are cross stitching, you often refer to “getting a thread” into your piece. What length of thread do you usually use when you are cross stitching. Thanks, look forward to your answer and love reading your blog posts!

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    These are beautiful quilts. Luckily when I moved my APQ magazines were the only ones I brought with me. Will look to see if I have these, saved for posterity.

  3. Cathy Snow GOING

    I loved the quilt Rustic Charm,,I found it on EBay and
    got it today. I have plenty of projects that need to be finished But I am going to start gathering fabrics and start cutting…So glad this quilt was brought up in the blog. Great design Jo!!!!!

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