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Every so often blog readers ask questions that I think others might be interested in as well.  I answer them here on them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days….

After reading a long ago post on mending braided rugs (find the complete post here) this question comes from Bethany:  “I’m working on repairing a very large braided rug currently. It’s a massive project and I was wondering what specific thread and needles you used. I’m having trouble figuring out what would work best.”

Well this question is easy in the answer but might be hard in finding the product.You can see by this picture I use a double strand of thread.  The type I am using is actually thread from the warp of a rag rug loam.


I’m the baby of the family so some things happened in my parents home when my sister who is 16 years old than me grew up and other things happened when I grew up.  Well part of my sister’s memories include my mom having a rug loom and making rugs.  By the time I came along the loom was gone and I didn’t even know that my mom had done that.

Left in the cupboard though were several spools of warp thread.  My parents used this often.  As kids growing up, Mom would cut off a chunk and we’d play cat’s cradle.  My dad was also really good at tricks with stringing wrapping the yarn around his fingers in some unique ways that made it look like the thread was tangled and then magically he would pull the string and the thread would not be tangled and slide right off his fingers.  The was always completely amazing to me and happily, he taught one of the tricks to me.  I think the next time I see my siblings I am going to ask it anyone knows some of the other tricks he did.  I always loved them.

Once I was out on my own, I was thrifting and was so amazed when I came across a spool of the same thread.  I was excited.


I would likely have bought it if it was $5 but luckily it was only 25 cents.

Over the course of my life I have since found two other spools while out thrifting.  I now have a green, gold and burgundy spool. This is what I use.  I think it’s a good choice as the thread was designed for rug making and heavy wear and tear.  I always use a double thickness just in case.

When mending I only repair the part that is broken.  I’ve been tempted to just take the whole thing apart and start for scratch but I haven’t been that brave or that foolish.  It would be so much work to put it back together.

I do know one thing, as far as household chores go, I love rung mending.  I think it has to do with reminiscing about my family and my connection with the thread…silly I know but having the connection makes chores so much more pleasant.

Good luck with you rug mending Bethany….


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