Ask Jo: Quilts and Rugs

Yesterday I showed a block from my Wild Child Quilt.
Becky asked:
“Isn’t Wild Child a Bonnie quilt? Love it and that blue is a great color! Do you know what color it is and the manufacturer?”


Yes, Wild Child is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  You can find it in her String Fling book.  I was inspired to make is after Linda gifted the border fabric to us.  It’s the floral shown in the photo.


The fabric we chose for the blocks is a Kona in Caribbean.  The sku is Koo1-1064.  I do have to suggest one thing though.  I would approach the making of this quilt a little differently.  Often people make the blocks and then look for the border fabric.  I would find the border fabric and then take a swatch to find the matching background fabric.  There are about 10 different Kona’s just in the teal color family.  You’ll want one that matches your fabric…not mine unless of course we have the same fabric.

Next up via email came the question from Sandy, “I was wondering where to get the pattern for the Santa Fe String Star?”


Lucky you…it’s in the same book as Wild Child…Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling.  If you missed my way to make the diamonds, you can find that here.

Next up…In my stash report I mentioned that the fabric came from Sue in Manchester.
from Linda comes this question, “Forgot to ask. Did your parcel from Sue come from Manchester, England? I live in England, hence my curiosity! My husband lived near Manchester all of his childhood.”

No.  The fabric came from Sue in Manchester, IOWA.  It’s really just about a 60 minute drive from here.  Population 5,179 people.  There are several loyal blog readers that live in town there and we appreciate them all…so a big shout to all of the Manchesters of the world.

I wrote that I was thinking about doing Mary from Country Threads’ rug along.
Annie D. writes, “Sounds like a good way to use up ugly fabric! My question: are those rugs slippery on a hardwood or other non-carpet floor?”

I have these rugs on hard wood floor and don’t have a slipping problem.  I do have to say that all of my rugs are either in front of a door entrance, in front of the stove or the sink.  That does give the rugs somewhere to but up against.  I don’t keep them in the middle of the floor.  That might make a difference.

Of all of the rugs I have ever-ever had, these are by far my favorite.

That concludes this edition of ask Jo.  If I missed your question, drop me a not at

3 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilts and Rugs”

  1. Thanks for including my question and yes to do I have the same fabric as your. I have many Kaffe fabrics and didn’t realize until you showed it again that was what you were using. I just love that blue background and it go great with the Kaffe, please hurry and finish it, so you can show it! And thanks for the info.! Another question, do the rugs wash easily?

  2. You are wonder woman aren’t you.
    No, really, how on earth do you ~
    1) keep up with the many ongoing quilts you’re making
    2) have time to READ
    3) keep kids
    4) feed husband
    5) find time for all of your kids
    6) shop
    7) . . .
    See, you are WONDER WOMAN. :)

  3. Just ordered my Rags to Rug book today. Looking forward to making my own. Thanks for sharing the info about the book.

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