Ask Jo: Quilts and Pets

Every so often blog readers ask questions that I think other readers might want to know the answers to.  I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

I recently got a few questions that were pet related and pattern related so I thought I’d tackle them in one post….

All of the questions came after posting about this charity quilt made by Sharon…Sharon made LOTS of awesome quilt tops.

One of the same questions that was repeated and repeated was the everyone wanted the pattern.  After some investigation it seems that it was from a book that is no longer in print.

You can find the book here on Amazon.  It’s a used book so copies are limited.  I ordered a copy for myself.  I like the “2 for 1” quilting idea.  In fact at one point I pitched that book idea to Kelli but she said no.  I’m excited to see the book.

Next up from Mary R:  “Hi Jo, I enjoy reading your blog and Facebook each day. However I don’t ‘get’ why all your quilts have to be photographed with your dog sitting on them. Is this an American thing or your personal preference. I would much rather see your quilts without these adornments.”

Mary asked this question after seeing this picture with my beagle Ruby sitting on the quilt.  Ruby does sit on most of the quilts.


I really laughed when I saw this question…as did Hubby.  Around here, it is impossible to get a picture of a quilt without Ruby sitting on it.  If she sees me toss out a quilt, she thinks it’s her duty to sit on it.  Hubby and I laugh about how seriously she takes the quilt photo session.  Ruby loves it and I love it too.

The other day I was taking some pictures of a quilt and Ruby immediately “did her thing” jumping up on the quilt and positioning herself.  Kalissa was here and she commented on how no one would ever believe the process and ease of picture taking with Ruby.  It’s true.  She’s a real natural…she loves getting her picture taken.

If Ruby isn’t shown on quilt I will often get a note from blog readers asking where Ruby is or if Ruby is okay.

If I were to take a survey and poll blog readers I think I would get more people who prefer to see Ruby verses people who only want to see the quilt…in a way, I think Ruby’s almost become a “mascot” of the blog.  People who see a quilt made by me, almost expect to see Ruby…and me, I’m okay with that.  Ruby is a big part of my life and I would hate to deprive her of her chance to “work”.  She really does see sitting on the quilts as her job.

I could try to take a few more pictures of quilts so readers can see some with and some without Ruby.  That’s do-able…at least I think it is.  It’s harder in the winter when I don’t have a good open spot to take the photos but I can try.

As far as being an “American” thing…I have no idea.  I don’t do things because of trends…I do things because they work for me.

Next question came from Judy after reading the same post:  “Do you launder the charity quilts before donating them? So many blog quilters have pets on the quilters in their pictures and I worry about people with allergies who would receive them.  Also, how’s your foot?”

I don’t worry about it at all.  I don’t have pet allergies…my kids don’t either.  I haven’t had to deal with that so I haven’t really thought about it.  After Judy’s comment I did think about it and came to this conclusion:
People who do have allergies and problems with allergies are likely aware of their own problem.  They know they have allergies.  They know if they are accepting or buying something from another home that it could have been in contact with a pet.  I trust that they know how to deal with their own problem.  I’m sure if they were to buy something from a garage sale or thrift store they’d be sure to wash it. (I do anyway-but with allergies I’m sure they are doubly sure to wash the items) I’m sure they would do the same with a quilt that they would receive.

Just as Kelli has gluten issues, she is aware of her problem and acts appropriately when being served food by others.  She avoids things that don’t work for her or will remove the skin from chicken as a precaution not knowing what the maker used as spices or batter for the chicken.

I believe people who have their own issues have learned to deal with them.

And about my foot….most days, it’s better.  Good…not quite yet but better for sure.  I’ve come to realize that this is a long term on going injury that is going to take time to heal.

I haven’t started walking long distances daily yet.  I used to always use my  Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and track my steps making sure I got 10,000 steps in.  Now days I just have 8,000 as a goal.  I am usually opting to take Ruby on a bike ride rather than walk her.  My foot does a bike ride easier than a walk.  It’s a happy compromise for Ruby and for my foot.  I’m hoping in a couple weeks things will be even better…like I said, it’s a long term injury and will take long term time to heal.

That wraps up this session of “Ask Jo”…..


15 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilts and Pets”

  1. Sorry, but I LOVE the beagles on the quilts. I have two beagles myself. That being said…I think Mary’s question is outright rude! Ruby is a part of your family. You should NOT have to go to the work of photographing the quilts without Ruby. Just my 2 cents…..

  2. Love to see Ruby on a quilt. Brings a smile to my face. That goes for Puppycat and Betsy too. My all-time favorite is Puppy in Training with Ruby and a tiny Betsy.
    Thanks for info on book. Just ordered one.

  3. Thank you for addressing my question about pets, quilts and allergies. You stated, “I believe people who have their own issues have learned to deal with them.” Dealing with those issues may include shortness of breath, hives, nausea, vomiting, etc. To be forewarned makes all the difference in the world. Contact with a contaminant may only take a moment with no chance for laundering, etc. Please tell Kelli to be very careful because food handlers do not always tell the truth about ingredients and allergies may change or grow worse as one ages. I speak from years of experience. I will AVOID anything I know about.

  4. Pam in Illinois

    I love seeing Ruby on the quilts. I think with Ruby sitting there we can get an idea of how large the quilt is. Ruby isn’t so large that we can’t see the design of the quilt. She is adorable.
    I guess we could all request how we would like to see your quilts. Maybe I would rather see it on a clothesline instead of on the ground. Or thrown over a car hood instead of over a porch railing. Can’t please everyone. Your blog, your quilt. You should be able to take the pictures however you like.

  5. I love seeing Ruby and all the dogs with the quilts. It is an unusual picture we don see on other blogs. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Glad to hear your foot is improving. Those type of injuries take a long time to heal but if you’re careful it will eventually.

    Thanks for being a bright spot every morning!

  6. I was showing my daughter pictures on your blog, specifically to show how Ruby sits on all your quilts! Well, that particular day (think it was last week or so) you were showing one or two quilts but had quite a few photos of each and Ruby was only in a couple of the photos. So, you do show quilts with and without her. But my vote goes FOR Ruby in all photos. Like it was mentioned already, she alsohelps to give us an idea of the size of the quilt and quilt blocks. She is precious, and priceless.

  7. I love pictures of Ruby on your quilts. I used to have a yorkie that if he even saw me ironing fabric he would bee line to sit on it. He would nap in my sewing room while I sewed/quilted and always wanted to sit on any quilt that was put on the floor. Sadly he passed last summer and none of my other dogs have any great love of quilts. But I hope some day to get another quilt loving dog, like your Ruby.

  8. I enjoy your blog just as it is. We will never please everyone in life. The choice to read or not read a blog is always ours. I’m glad you have chosen to share parts of your life with us along with the quilts. I love seeing Ruby on the quilts. Happy quilting and blogging…Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cheryl in Dallas

    I purchased Linda Halpin’s book just to get the Stacked Bricks pattern. It is truly an easy quilt according to Linda’s directions. I never would have come up with her approach to this quilt, so it is worth a look.

  10. Lorraine Bujnowski

    I just love seeing Ruby on your quilts. As a dog lover, any photo with a dog and quilt makes me smile. Thank you for sharing the info re: the pattern and book.

  11. I hope you n-e-v-e-r deprive Ruby of “her job” posing with the quilts – bless her little heart! It’s your blog and Ruby is a part of it; I love seeing her, and Puppycat and Betsy too! I would feel very sad not to see her there, especially when she thinks it is her “job” to pose so prettily with the quilts.. Thanks for the information on the Stacked Blocks pattern.

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