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Every so often I get questions or comments from readers that need to answered.  If they are questions that I feel lots of people might like knowing the answer to, I address them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Lots and lots of people wanted to know more about the quilt that was shown on the blog this morning….


The quilt was made by Heather L and sent to Cheryl in Texas for a donation to the House of Hope in Florida.  MANY people commented on liking it and wanted to know more about the pattern.  I was pretty sure it was a variation of Bonnie Hunter’s quilt 4 Patch X found in her More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.

Early this morning I read the comments and was hoping to sneak in some time to answer the questions when I got a text from Kalissa that said, “I bet you’re making pancakes for the kids this morning.  We’ll be over to have some in a few minutes.”…well I wasn’t making pancakes and the childcare kiddos weren’t even here yet, but she knows I show love by cooking food so I left the computer and went and made her and Craig pancakes.  I figured answering your questions would have to wait.

Anyway it’s nap time now as I write this and the kiddos are all sleeping….

The reason I thought that is because I have made 4 Patch X.  Here’s my version.  Read the whole post about my quilt here.


Anyway, I read the comments again and Heather, the maker of the wonderful quilt answered.  Here’s what she said….Jo & Cheryl – thank you for all the kind words about this quilt. I am so sorry to hear about the fire at the House of Hope and wish them best as they recover from this event. Cheryl is such a great ambassador for this organization and Jo is such a great spirit for selflessly giving her time, resources, and love to organizing these quilts for charity. This quilt is a variation of Bonnie Hunter’s – Four Patch X. I cannot remember which book it is in. I believe I up-sized the strips for the 4 patches from 2″ to 2-1/2″ inches and went from there. Also, the pinwheels were left over from another project and I left off the secondary cornerstones in the sashing. This quilt is so easy to put together – everything goes in this quilt. May the recipient of this quilt be gifted with the love it was made with.”

This is one of my favorite quilts and when I saw Heather’s version I thought I might have to make another one.  I love the pinwheels in the center of the blocks.

The next comment came from CindyD.  If you notice there wasn’t an afternoon post yesterday.  Typically I have a morning and and afternoon post but yesterday the Wednesday post didn’t happen.  CindyD wrote, “I hope no second post is good news!”

I am assuming Cindy is referring to the baby front and my foot front.  Well she’s mostly right….We are all fine.  Kalissa has been having a little trouble with her blood pressure.  She’s known to have low blood pressure readings but they have spiked and gotten to the place that they want her spending some time with her feet up.


It’s nothing super serious but something they are watching so that if it gets any worse and turns into pre eclampsia they can deal with it.  This is something that happened to me every pregnancy so it didn’t surprise me at all.

The reason there was no blog was that yesterday was exhausting for all of us and life happened.  I had a little one’s fingers get pinched in the hinge of the door….Kalissa had to stay at the hospital and be monitored…I had a little one teething and was fussy….Kelli was busy and to be honest, I really get tired out with my foot.  I can do childcare but by the end of it, I’m pooped.  Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to keep up with my previous schedule of getting things done and it got the best of me.  THANKFULLY tomorrow is the day I get the cast the off.  Kalissa was supposed to take me but Hubby has since volunteered to take me.  I CAN’T WAIT.  I am fully aware that the walking cast is going to create it’s own challenges but I want to tackle them and get a step closer back to normal life.

When the kids were little we marked time by “how many sleeps” something was away.  Kelli and Kalissa have been teasing me all week how many sleeps before my cast removal happens.  Well blog readers…ONE MORE SLEEP and I’ll get rid of this cast.

3 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilts and Babies”

  1. I have one of Bonnie’s books and will need to look and see which one it is and if the pattern is in it. Thanks for taking time to answer that question – now get off your feet if you can and rest! hope the walking cast will be an ok adjustment

  2. You know Jo, often I look at the larger charity quilts you share with us like the one pictured today that so many were interested & think the quilt should be raffled to benefit the charity in whose name it will be presented especially that you mentioned House of Hope had a fire!!Hope your cast removal goes well tomorrow!

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