Ask Jo: Quilting UFOs and Cross Stitch

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. Today’s questions are all about cross stitch and quilting.

I recently put out my UFO list for 2023 and the Dirty Dozen Challenge. My list ended up being longer than only a dozen. When I published it the list was at 26 projects. I ended up finding another project when I was cleaning. So that makes 27 projects.

I asked you all how many I thought I might complete…The answers seemed to range between 12-15. I’d really like to finish a minimum of 12. I’d love to get to 18. That’s pretty ambitious though. We’ll see.

This is the project I just added. It’s the start of Emerald City from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy. A kind blog reader gifted this to me. I was in shock when it came.

A blog reader asked for more information about this pattern. Blog reader Carol C sent this to me. There are quite a few blocks that are already done and included more fabric to finish the project.

Next up are some questions about my Dirty Dozen list. If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.

A blog reader wanted to know what pattern it was. This is in Lori Holt’s book Farm Girl Vintage Book One.

The book is awesome. All of the blocks you see on the front cover of the book have patterns in the book in both 12″ and 6″ finished blocks. Then in the back of the book, she shows you how you can use the blocks to make different quilts. She gives the layout for the Picnic Quilt…but you can change out and put any of the blocks in those spaces. I hope that makes sense.

You can find the book HERE if you’re looking for it. I’m excited to get to this project.

Next up I was drawing a blank on these paper pieced blocks. I couldn’t remember what the pattern was. Several blog readers let me know it was Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Wild and Goosey. It is in her Addicted to Scraps book.

Here is a picture of the whole quilt…It’s all paper pieced. It’s an ambitious project!!

Another blog reader wanted to know more about this Snails Trails project. I don’t know much about it as it’s a project a blog reader sent to me. I ended up pulling it out to see if there was more information about it.

There was really no information included with this quilt that identifies that pattern or maker. This is the only info I have…no name of the maker. I think it might have been copied out of a magazine. There is a number 36 at the bottom of the page. That’s what made me think a magazine was the source. Does anyone know? I feel I can complete the quilt with only these directions. We’ll see as time gets closer.

I showed my finished of my Patriotic Rose Pillow from Threadwork Primitives. I told you that I did the red stitching between the stitched piece and the fabric. Donna was wondering about the stitching.

The stitch is called the Herring Bone stitch. I just Googled it and a few videos and blog posts showed me how to do it. If you’ve done any needlework at all, you’ll be able to easily do it.

Another blog reader asked about the piece with the words in the picture below. I am not sure the name of it. I know it’s a Lizzie Kate pattern. They are only available from They own the rights to the patterns. HERE is a link to the chart.

If you are wanting more information about the pillow I finished, you can read that post HERE.

I invited blog readers to join in as Kelli and I take on the epic cross stitch piece, Consider the Lillies. You can read all about the piece HERE. Please join us if you are interested.

I had a few people ask about getting supplies. You can find everything you need HERE from the Stitchery Nook. I am stitching mine on 40-count but Liz is offering other sizes of linen as well.

I had a blog reader ask if she can join even if she has already started working on hers. YES, of course. We’d love to see the work of someone who is further along than we are. It would be a wonderful encouragement.

Someone else asked if they can post about this in the Facebook group we have for stitch alongs…YES!! You can find that Facebook Page HERE.

I had someone ask if they can start now…Of course. Start anytime. We won’t officially start with the goal of one page per month until August. This is a giant piece and if you want to get a jump start, go for it.

Someone asked how I stitch…I primarily stitch on 40-count linen. Occasionally 36 count. I ALWAYS stitch with one strand of floss in my needle. I go over two threads of linen. I like that coverage. I like that look. I’m not a fan of stitching with two strands of thread. I can’t get the threads to lay nicely so my own stitching looks messy to me. It’s just a personal preference.

I think that covers everything…or at least everything I caught. Feel free to ask more questions.

8 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilting UFOs and Cross Stitch”

  1. Two things- the Snails Trail log cabin UFO is a Judy Martin design. And as for not getting your floss to lay nicely when you’re using two threads? Take a small piece of damp sponge and slide the length of the flosses across the sponge. The slight moisture allows the threads to lay nicely. Of course if you twist your needle when stitching, you will still have to let it dangle and untwist every so often.

  2. Hi Jo,
    I’m not going to take on Consider the Lillies, but I have another big project I want to stitch and want to tag along with you in the page/month format you’re laying out. I think it’ll just encourage me to keep up with that project as I watch you “Consider the Lillies” ladies make your monthly project!

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I so much enjoy seeing your finished cross stitch works even if you already did a blog about them.

  4. Looks like I jumped the gun! My pattern and floss for Consider the Lilies arrived yesterday so I got a little start on the border. Just had to get some color on the linen. My book is already coming apart at the staples so need to figure out how to secure it for the next 2 years!

    1. Dear Connie and Jo, I take paper back books that are instruction books( not novels) to Office Max/Office Depot and they will put a wire spiral on it for a small charge. Our store does a great job and the book lies flat and the pages don’t fall out. I hope this helps. Helen

  5. Jo, would you consider explaining punch needle , ie what needles to get, thread/yarn, fabric, other supplies necessary. Also, how do you do punch needle? You explain things so well I’m interested to try it but don’t know where to start. Thank you for all you do and share.

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