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While we are all off at my daughters wedding I thought I answer a few “Ask Jo” questions…Every so often I get questions from blog readers that I feel others might be wondering too so I post the answers here for everyone to read.

The first question came via email Mary Gordon-Ott, “Did you just mix it up and put it in a spray bottle – or is their a special formula? ”  Mary is referring to this blog post where I spray dyed a cross stitch piece that I bought at the thrift store for fifty cents.


The dye is product called “Distress It”.  I bought mine from Country Threads.  Here’s a link.  I like it as it’s easier than mixing dye myself.  In this photo (courtesy of Country Threads) they show a punch needle project that they did using it.  You can see the thread they used was really bright but once the project was finished they sprayed it really softened the brightness.  I love the product.

DISTRESS IT / Instant Antique

This question came from Kelly, “Hi. I love this quilt. I am very new to the quilting world so pardon my dumb question. But I believe the blocks in this quilt have the four small brown squares at the outer four corners. If that is correct, how did you get the border in cream and regular, colored squares at the edges. I guess I need more instructions, at least to do the outer portion as you have done.  Thanks! If I do make this, as I intend to, I’ll post a picture in this thread. :-)”

Kelli is referring to this blog post where I made a self sashing disappearing nine patch quilt.  Since this blog post we have added a tutorial for the quilt which you can find here.


I see now that the tutorial doesn’t answer Kelly’s question.  When we made the quilt on the last row, we went back and ripped off the edge to the left that has the brown square and cream sashing.

Then we went back and added cream borders around the outside.  I know the ripping out is a pain but it’s what worked for us.

Next up is a question from Julie, “Hi Jo, I was reading old posts about the viking megaquilter and next generation frame, and yours popped up. I have had this frame in a box for about 5 years, and I have the megaquilter which I finally started using and love. Great for piecing. anyhow, my husband is finally getting around to finishing the basement and I had almost given up on even trying it, knowing the newer systems are so much better. We decided we would at least take it out of the box and try it. Please tell me, is it worth the trouble of setting it up? I wish I had the money for a new longarm machine and frame but that will be a while! Thanks, Julie”


For those of you who don’t know, before I had my APQS Millenium, I had a Pfaff Grand Quilter with Next Generation frame.  Oh my..after reading this comment I felt kind of bad.  I knocked my Grand Quilter and Next Generation frame really bad.  Yes Julie…set it up and give it a try.  You might love it.  There are people everywhere that love theirs and use theirs all the time.  Honestly, I think I just got a dud.  There were times I would do a quilt and everything went beautifully…then there were times when it didn’t.  As much as I hated the times when it didn’t, I learned a lot…and in the end, it was still worth it.

Set it up and do a couple charity quilts while you get the hang of it.  Just know that if you do have problems, thread breakage is the biggest problem and then just change brands.  You’ll find your machine will like some more than others.

I don’t have near the problems with my APQS but there are still a few quilts that I end up having a bit of trouble with…no system is perfect so give yours a try.  I’ll be waiting to hear and update.

That’s all the questions for this session.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a few wedding pictures.

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