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Every so often I address a question or comment that came from a blog reader.  Today is one of those days….
Mary Aiardo asked, “Don’t know which is cuter, the dog or the quilt. What is this pattern that she flatters so well with that face?”

Mary wrote this after reading this old blog post from back when our Ruby dog was a pup.  It’s hard to believe that was my Ruby.  I appreciated those puppy days but I certainly don’t miss them.  Ruby was up in the night…wouldn’t go up the stairs on her own even though she was physically capable…and she had a UTI which I didn’t realize so house training was awful for about two days until I figured that out.

The original question was about the quilt though.  The pattern can be found in our book, Country Girl Modern.  I’ve made the quilt three times.  Once for me…the one shown for our daughter Kayla’s wedding…..

…and this one for the book.

Even though I’ve made three…I still love the quilt!!

If you’re interested in getting your own copy of the pattern along with the other patterns of the book you can find ordering information here -or follow the icon on the right column of the blog.

…now back to those puppy pictures…isn’t she the cutest??


I loved her then and even more today.   I was really blessed to get a good dog…and here she is posing on the quilt once it was finished.

She grew so quickly.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Mary…

5 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilt Pattern”

  1. My first attack on your bag would be with a microfibre cloth dampened with plain boiled water to which a teaspoon of cider vinegar per pint had been added.
    Then I would use saddle soap following the manufacturer’s instructions. You may have some already or know people with horses who use it to clean mucky saddles.
    To finish I would hope to use a renovating wax polish in a colour close to the bag colour. In the UK, Woly and Cherry Blossom have a good range but there is certain to be a US company that does similar stuff.

    I am sure that the bag will look good when you have finished.

  2. I made this quilt and it is my favorite one! I love how the scraps sparkle together. Thanks for the wonderful pattern.

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