Ask Jo: Quilt Block and a Quilt

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. Today’s questions are about quilts.

Question #1 comes from Gloria. She found this vintage quilt and is wondering if someone knew the name of the quilt block.

If you know, please leave a comment in the comment section. I feel like I have seen the block before but I am terrible with names. Do any of you know?

Question #2 comes from blog reader Jinny. She sent this picture from the blog and asked me if I knew the name of the quilt I was making.

I know a few things…

I know it’s my design…or should I say a version of an antique quilt I bought. I submitting the design to American Patchwork and Quilting. Then took it and ta-da! Our quilt was featured as the cover quilt in the  February 2022 issue.  They named the quilt Inspired by the Past.

This is me and the original antique.

I redesigned the block so it wouldn’t have set in seams but other than that, it’s much like the original…only the border is different.

I ended up having lots of leftover blocks and made a second quilt. The quilt the boys (my grandsons Eli and Emmett) are crawling on. I did a border more like the antique quilt as I didn’t want to make more blocks and wanted it to be bigger.

I made a tutorial showing how I made the block HERE.

I had leftover blocks and wanted to use them so I put them together using a neutral sashing and added squares to the border. It changes the look of the quilt.

You can read more about this version HERE.

A local blog reader made the quilt as well. She did a wonderful version in brighter colors. Isn’t it fun!! I love it.

You can read more about her quilt and it’s story HERE.

I had fun with the last question. I’ll be honest. I didn’t remember the name of the quilt. I hunted and used the search bar on the blog to try to find it. No luck. Then as I wrote the post and started writing things I knew about the quilt…and figured out when I would have written about it using the boys’ ages as a guess, I finally figured it out. It was a little mystery for sure!!

I love revisiting old quilts I’ve made…

Remember, if you know the name of Gloria’s quilt block, please leave a comment…or maybe one of you wants to do some sleuthing and figure it out. Thanks so much for the questions.

17 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilt Block and a Quilt”

  1. I think the block might be called “Contrary Wife” alternated with plain squares. The centre square of the “Contrary Wife” (as shown in the book “501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks” by Judy Hopkins) has the centre square in the same fabric as the corner squares but I don’t suppose that matters. I hope that helps! :o)

  2. “1000 Great Quilt Blocks” by Maggi McCormick Gordon lists the block as Contrary Wife in a 3-color version. I’m always amazed at how many different names a particular quilt block can have!

  3. The block is a nine-patch, consisting of four half-square triangles (HST) (made of one color and background) and five squares (four of a different color than in HST and one of background). Could be made in any size and cut from strips, if you use the Easy Angle ruler. (I love that ruler!) Whatever size you make your HST, just cut your squares that size, if you don’t like doing the math!

  4. It is fun reading what all the different names people know that block by. It really looks like an easy block to duplicate, like Sue above stated. Thanks for sharing these questions and your answers!

  5. Thanks, Jo, for the link to the tutorial on the quilt I asked about. I love the quilt and can now see giving that one a try.

  6. I think that the Au Contraire quilt and its variation quilts by Ellen Murphy in 75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts (compiled by Roxane Cerda for C&T Publishing) uses this block pattern also. The variations give good examples of how the block can be varied. Jo and Kelli have a chapter in this book based on the Churn Dash Block. I hope this helps a little.

  7. Ha. Ha- would you believe we drove 50 miles so I could get a copy of your quilt in the magazine when it came out.That was actually the last quilt magazine my husband bought me. I just Loved that pattern.

    1. I tried to go back to Jo’s first two stories and it would not do anything but print words – black and white and lots of symbols. Is that what you got too? I’ve had that happen several times the last two months. Hopefully she sees this and can find a way to fix it for her readers. It opened the first time but after that you can’t go back.

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